The Wiki Gods Are Smiling!


Click here to take a look at the current version of my Wikipedia page.

Some Wikipedians like Orangemike seem to “come from a place of ‘no’ and I come from a place of ‘yes’” (to quote one of my favorite Real Housewives, Bethany Frankel ). Orangemike’s Wikipedia User page […]

Real Housewives of D.C.


Photoshopped Pamela Sorensen of, Andrea Rodgers and Juleanna Glover (courtesy of DC Sleez)

I’ve been in meetings stretching from Old Town to Del Ray to Georgetown to Chevy Chase all day, and just got online about an hour ago. In addition to the haters on Late Night Shots, The Washington Post has […]

My Memorial Day Weekend: More Wiki Than Tiki


Rather than spend my Memorial Day weekend at a Tiki bar, I am instead exploring Wiki. I decided to teach myself how to create a page on Wikipedia. Some may say that it isn’t appropriate to create your own Wikipedia page, but I have had Wikipedia experts tell me it’s actually […]