Recap: American Youth Circus Festival 2013 In Seattle

SANCA students, Sydney Petersen (age 16) and Steven Mathews (age 15) (photo credit: David Rose Photography)

16-year-old Lisbeth Mikoleit from Pendulum Aerial Arts in Portland, OR (photo credit: David Rose Photography)

I must admit, going to a “circus” performance made primarily of kids and young adults, I was not expecting much. As a culmination of a 5-day workshop hosted by the 25,000 square foot School of Acrobatics and New […]

American Youth Circus Festival In Seattle

(photo credit: Darin Basile)

American Youth Circus Festival show (Photo Credit: Darin Basile)

As I ascended a 30-foot ladder to the top of the trapeze to mount a 3-foot platform (housing three people, mind you), I wondered why I was about to leap off of this haven of safety. My son had wanted to try the flying […]

TEDxSeattle Will Bring A Thought-Provoking Conference To Seattle Children’s Theatre


The TEDxSeattle theme for 2012 was “A Life of Purpose.” (Photo Credit:

In a matter of weeks, TEDxSeattle is coming to provoke thought in how people are making a difference in local, national and global scales with its theme “Degrees of Impact.” Twenty remarkable individuals will share their knowledge and inspiration at […]

Whitewater Rafting The Wenatchee River

Class III+ Rapids on the Wenatchee River (Photo Credit: River Recreation)

If you are looking for a weekend to get out of the city and become one with the forces of nature, then River Recreation has the perfect itinerary for you.

Only two hours outside of Seattle, you will find yourself in the beautiful Wenatchee National Forest. With beautiful scenic vistas and the white waters […]