Ave5 Restaurant & Bar In Banker’s Hill San Diego, CA

Photo credit: Alternative Strategies

Few find their passion early in life, but for Executive Chef and Co-Proprietor Colin MacGlaggan a love affair with cooking formed at a young age. And it was this deep-rooted affinity for creating in the kitchen that ultimately inspired Colin and his business partner Yohei Kitazawa to open Ave5 Restaurant & Bar in 2007 […]

RAW Natural Born Artists Event At 4th & B In San Diego

San Diego RAW Event

(Photo Credit: Flicker)

What is RAW? RAW Natural Born Artists is an independent arts organization for artists and by artists. Artists of their craft include and feature Fashion, Music, Film, Hair, Makeup, Photography, Art and Performing Art all coming together to put on an amazing interactive showcase.

RAW was originally an L.A. art […]

Recap: San Diego Gets SAVVY With Chic CEO

San Diego SAVVY Anniversary Party (Photo credit: Hayley Jackson-Weber)

San Diego SAVVY Anniversary Party (Photo credit: Hayley Jackson-Weber)

On the evening of June 20, 2012, a group of women descended upon San Diego hotspot, Ginger’s, for the one-year anniversary of San Diego SAVVY’s launch in America’s finest city. The evening featured hors d’oeuvres, cocktails and, more importantly, the chance to network with […]

The Steakhouse At Azul In La Jolla, CA

Photo credit: Shawna Nadelman

It’s no mistake that when tasked with the job of naming their steakhouse in “the Village” area of La Jolla, CA, that the Brigantine Family chose “Azul,” the Spanish word meaning “blue.” Because that’s exactly what you’ll see when you dine at this tucked away restaurant -the picturesque blue seascape of the Pacific Ocean […]

The Rose Wine Pub In San Diego

Photo Credit: The Rose Wine Pub

Photo Credit: The Rose Wine Pub

The Rose Wine Pub in South Park makes me swoon and feel all giddy! If this cozy watering hole were a boy I would totally want to marry it and have little Rose Wine Pub babies. Okay, that’s weird, but you get my point — I have […]

Tuesday Date Night At Gingham In La Mesa, CA

Photo credit: Chantelle Photography

Photo credit: Chantelle Photography

Tuesday -the forgotten day of the week; better than the dreaded Monday, but not quite as appreciated as Hump Day and most definitely not as anticipated as Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It seems to fall into that step-sister category, forced to scrub the floors and sweep the chimney to […]

Miguel’s Cocina Opens New Carlsbad Location

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Growing up in San Diego, and with Mexico literally in my backyard, I have become quite the Mexican cuisine connoisseur over the years. In fact, I might go as far as to say that I’m bit of a Mexican food snob. But how can you blame me? I have access to some of the […]

DinnerDate Launches In San Diego

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Logging almost 27 years in the dating scene (yes, I began dating inside the womb) has warranted some pretty entertaining stories. From awkward conversations, to a lack of physical chemistry and everything in between, there have been many a time when I simply wished that I had had a buddy to tag along and […]

Prospect Bar & Grill In La Jolla

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Two things occurred this past weekend: One, I wore shorts, and two, I got sun burnt. And while the second was rather unfortunate (don’t tell my dermatologist) and made me a dead ringer for a lobster for a day or two, I still had a smile on my face come Monday morning. Why? Because […]

Treat Mom To A Mother Daughter Tea At The Westgate Hotel In San Diego

Photo Source: http://www.westgatehotel.com/

You’ve always been a princess, which come mother’s day makes your mom the Queen! Spoil her with the richest of food and fun at a Mother Daughter Tea on Friday, May 11th and Saturday, May 12th in the Westgate Hotel. As soon as you enter the Grand Lobby, where tea service is held, you […]

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