Charitable And Stylish Icons: Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep speaking at the National Women's History Museum Event

Meryl Streep is one of the best modern day actresses. She has starred in numerous diverse roles from Out of Africa and The Iron Lady to Sophie’s Choice, The Devil Wears Prada and Mamma Mia! Streep has numerous awards to prove it including three Academy Awards. She is also a role model for her […]

Beauty Inside And Out: Duchess Of Cambridge, Kate Middleton

Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton

I think we were all more than a little bit jealous when the Duchess of Cambridge Catherine or as we like to call her, Kate Middleton, got the fairy tale come true when she married Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge and future King of England. Ever since then, her happily ever after has […]

Jose Hernandez Inspires A New Generation With The Reaching For The Stars Foundation

Jose Hernandez (Photo Credit:

When you were a child, chances are that you dreamed bigger dreams than seemed possible to everyone except you. You daydreamed for hours, planning and learning and imagining and then the time comes for you to spread your wings. You work harder and harder every day and then, in a moment that takes your […]

Beauty Inside And Out: Britney Spears

Britney Spears (Photo Credit:

If you didn’t spend most of the 90’s humming a Britney Spears song or dancing to one in the car or in front of your bathroom mirror, then you’re probably lying. The blond bombshell kept our ears happy and our bodies swaying to the best Pop the world had to offer for more than […]

Charitable And Stylish Icons: Audrey Hepburn


Audrey Hepburn – Style Queen

When one mentions the two words “Style Icon” when discussing the female wardrobe there is a good chance most will say the name Audrey Hepburn. But this is not because they are following the crowd. Far from it. They are simply picking someone whose style makes her the obvious […]

Charity And Style Icons: Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly's famous wedding dress (Photo Credit:

Grace Kelly is one of the ultimate style icons for many women across the globe. She had effortless style which was elegant and seamless. She simply glided with elegance while in her film roles, especially her roles in Alfred Hitchcock movies where she wore some of the best-remembered outfits in the history of film. […]

Beauty Inside And Out: Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock (Photo Credit:

We’ve seen her in everything from dramas to romance to comedies and everything in between. We’ve seen her keep her composure and class as her personal life was cruelly exposed by the media. In October, we’ll even see her in a role opposite George Clooney in the thriller, “Gravity” as well as on the […]

Beauty Inside And Out: Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland (Photo Credit:

Who doesn’t remember Destiny’s Child? They were everywhere, dolling out hit after hit, bringing fans everywhere to their feet to dance. The members of the group included several women throughout the years, but the two most recognizable faces included superstar Beyonce Knowles and the singer, songwriter, actress and this week’s Beauty, Kelly Rowland. The […]

Charitable And Stylish Men We Love: Jay-Z

Jay-Z Carter (Photo Credit:

If there was a name to put on the definition of success, philanthropy and thinking outside of the box, it would have to be Jay-Z. The wildly popular and successful entrepreneur, singer and producer has lived happily in the lime light, delighting our ears with powerhouse songs like, “Empire State of Mind”, “Run This […]

Charitable And Stylish Men We Love: Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman (Photo Credit:

Hugh Jackman (Photo Credit:

You know that sigh that women do in those mushy romantic movies? That sigh that goes along with that hopelessly in love look cast at a good looking man who probably doesn’t know that woman exists? Yes? Well we’re betting that that is the sound you make when […]

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