The Difference Between Jay-Z and Tiger

Jay Z and Tiger

Monogamy: All or Nothing?

Elin Nordegren Woods

Elin Nordegren Woods

Take a look at this article by Ian Daly in the December issue of Details Magazine, “Everyone Else is Cheating—So Why Aren’t You? How Americans are learning monogamy is a myth”.

So….now that Tiger cheated and he’s a “good guy” that must mean monogamy is impossible? Monogamy must be [...]

Salahi-gate: America’s National Embarrassment

with Katie Couric

For the past week and a half, the media spotlight has been on Washington, DC due to the incident with “White House Party-crashers,” Tareq and Michaele Salahi. More than enough has been said already about their shameless fame-whoring and illegitimacy by the press and the Salahi’s equally fame-hungry associates. Something however that has [...]

NY State Assemblyman Greg Ball, Citizens United for Ethical Growth and Courage Cup 2005

For those interested, you can see the Citizen United for Ethical Growth (CUEG) 2005 NY Board of Elections Financial Disclosure Report here. Many of these people were contacted by The Washington Post in 2007 to see if they knew they had contributed to the CUEG PAC. The people on the list were [...]

NY State Assemblyman Greg Ball to ‘Exact Litigation’

Greg Ball at 2005 Courage Cup

Greg Ball at 2005 Courage Cup

In today’s story in the Times-Herald Record, NY State Assemblyman Greg Ball continues to downplay his connection to the now infamous White House State Dinner Crashers, Tareq and Michaele Salahi with whom he planned the Courage Cup in 2005. He also threatens [...]

NY State Assemblyman Greg Ball’s Email Sent to Thousands

Greg Ball at 2005 Courage Cup

According to the Poughkeepsie, NY State Assemblyman Greg Ball is now denying he was close to Tareq Salahi. They write that “Ball said he was not a close friend of the Salahis, ‘but anyone in polo circles on the East Coast knows who they are.’”

This was sent to a few people [...]

Update on the Tareq and Michaele Salahi Connection to NY State Assemblyman Greg Ball

Greg Ball at the Courage Cup in 2005

Greg Ball at the Courage Cup in 2005

Well, it turns out that Daniel Branda from Ball4NY, who sent me an email yesterday asking me to remove my post “Swinging Polo Mallets with Tareq and Michaele Salahi” wasn’t some legal sharpshooter–as demonstrated by the absence of any identifiable legal training or [...]

Email from Ball4NY


Just received this email. I know that truth is on my side. I will not be threatened. I will practice my freedom of speech.

Ms. Rodgers,

Taking pains to state “It’s all alledged” by way of introduction does not provide you the liberty to libel Mr. Ball or Mr. Salahi. The “laywer-speak” term [...]

Swinging Polo Mallets with Tareq and Michaele Salahi

kids celebrities and cc girls

The girls who took over The Courage Cup with Juan Salinas-Bentley, the face of Ralph Lauren: Nacho Figueras, Salvatore Ferragamo, and the kids of Work to Ride at The Courage Cup 2006

The Washington Post is leading the media on the White House “Crasher-gate” story. Yesterday, I received more media inquiries [...]

America Learns More About Tareq and Michaele Salahig

Who are these people

I wanted to give my readers an update. It’s been a bizarre Thanksgiving. I have been receiving calls and emails, and giving information to various news outlets all day today. A recent Fox News article linked to my blog post about the Salahi’s, and I was asked to be on Good Morning America [...]

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