We’re Plastic But We Still Have Fun


It’s only the first week of 2010 and the glitterati are already making headlines in full force. From the discovery of more Whitehouse Crashers to Lindsay Lohan’s stolen fashion design scandal, the New Year is already shaping up to be one of fashion and infamy. And speaking of infamous fashion, those words can’t be [...]

Politico Finds Photographic Evidence That “Third Crasher” At State Dinner


AskMissA.com first revealed that Carlos Allen attended President and Mrs. Obama’s State Dinner in November, and revealed him as the “Third Crasher” in December. Politico discovered photos on Picaso which show that Allen not only attended the State Dinner, but ate dinner there. According to Politico, The photos were posted within an album [...]

Fourth Crasher Interviewed by Secret Service Last Night

Sharmila with Michaele Salahi

According to Fox5′s Claudia Coffey, Sharmila Viswasam was interviewed by Secret Service last night! This seems to confirm what AskMissA.com revealed yesterday. I believe we may have our “Fourth Crasher”! How many people crashed this State Dinner?

My personal opinion is that the Indian Ambassador must have been involved in getting [...]

Socially Stained Salahis to Host Party at Pure

pure nightclub

Unbelievable! Only in America! According to TMZ, The Salahis are being paid $5000 to host a party at PURE Nightclub in Vegas. The irony is that this party will only attract gold-digging, fame-whoring wannabe’s. I just hope those who haven’t been paid by the Salahis get some sort of lien on the $5,000 [...]

Politico’s Story on Washington “Socialites”

Kate Michael, Pamela Sorensen and Andrea Rodgers (Photo Credit: Zaid Hamid)

Kate Michael, Pamela Sorensen and Andrea Rodgers (Photo Credit: Zaid Hamid)

Most of my readers live outside of Washington, DC, so I would like to share a story that Politico’s Kiki Ryan and Patrick Gavin did on Washington Socialites. Politico highlighted ten of us in the article.

The majority of those highlighted are [...]

Carlos Allen Can Teach You To Make $1000/Day From Home in Your PJ’s


….or how to crash the White House. Click here to see video of Carlos Allen walking arriving at the State Dinner.Apparently, he has many talents. I just feel sorry for all the less fortunate people he preyed upon to support his lifestyle. You know what they say about “Birds of a Feather,” [...]

Facebrags May Reveal Fourth State Dinner Crasher!

Sharmila Viswasam with Michaele Salahi at America's Cup of Polo Fall 2009

Sharmila Viswasam with Michaele Salahi at America's Cup of Polo Fall 2009

Sharmila Viswasam who is Director of Public Relations for Hush Society Magazine, which Carlos Allen runs has been Facebragging like her friends, Tareq and Michaele Salahi. This confirms what AskMissA.com contributor, Sanam Toossi posted on November 30th: “Carlos Allen and [...]

My Thoughts on State Dinner Crashers

Tareq and Michaele Salahi with Ambassador Singh

Tareq and Michaele Salahi with Ambassador Singh

I would like to share these articles with my readers:

Talking Points Memo- Did The Alleged Third Crasher Know The Salahis? – January 5, 2009

Politico – Alleged third crasher denies report – January 5, 2009

Gawker – Meet The Third White House State Dinner [...]

AskMissA.com’s Report that Carlos Allen was “Third Crasher” Confirmed

Well, a Congressional source has confirmed to the Washington Post’s Reliable Source that Carlos Allen, CEO of Hush Society Magazine is the “Third Crasher”. The blogger mentioned in the Post’s story was an AskMissA.com contributor, Sanam Toossi who mentioned in her write up of a Thanksgiving volunteer event at the Hush Mansion that she [...]

“Third Crasher” Confirmed by Secret Service

President and Mrs. Obama at State Dinner

My readers may remember that back in early December I revealed Carlos Allen as the alledged “Third Crasher” of President and Mrs. Obama’s first State Dinner. If you recall, an AskMissA.com contributor had met the alledged Third Crasher, Carlos Allen at a volunteer event over Thanksgiving, and he told her that [...]

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