Facebook’s Implication on Relationships


Dear Miss A, What do you think about the psychology of people on Facebook? I’m in my early 40′s and Facebook is really changing people’s relationships. We interact differently online than we might in person. What do you think is the best way to present yourself on Facebook, given that we are all exposed [...]

What’s Next in Social Networking After Facebook?


Reed Landry took it personally when I wrote about the decline of the Washington-based private social network, Late Night Shots a few months ago, and lashed out at me. It’s got to be tough to see your social networking site not do as well as it once was, but he’s in good [...]

Spirituality vs. The Religious Right


This weekend, October 10th & 11th, the National Equality March will be held in Washington, DC. For those of you unfamiliar with this event, it is a peaceful movement whose sole purpose is to demand equal protection and rights under civil laws for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. This isn’t just about laws [...]

FTC’s New Rules Regulating Bloggers


The economy has been hard on small businesses who haven’t gotten the bail outs for which huge corporations were able to lobby. I launched my business last September, so my timing wasn’t the best. One perk that I did enjoy as a Blogger were the freebies that help make the financial pain a [...]

The Emancipation of Vanity

(left) Mariah Carey's regular glamourous look, (right) Mariah Carey make-up free in a still from the film "Precious".

Vanity and the quest for visual perfection have been the buzz topics du jour this week. On Tuesday, the Associated Press ran a story about Mariah Carey going make-up free for her role in the independent film “Precious”, due out November 6th. The article seemed well timed, as the following day Oprah sat down [...]

Am I a TWIT?


Whether you think I’m a twit or not, apparently I and other single ladies are T.W.I.T.’s (Teenage Women in their Thirties). Just like males with the Peter Pan Syndrome, we now have a new endearing term — TWIT – to add to the list with MILF, Cougar and Puma. Perhaps we’ve [...]

The Meaning of Lila


This is so me and Guy Friday! Just had to share!

- Miss A

Photos from the Washington, DC “Evenings in Vogue” Event


Event host, Michelle Fenty with her husband, Washington Mayor Adrian Fenty

Take a look at photographer and renaissance man, Tony Powell’s photos from last night’s Vogue event at Oya in Washington. It was a fabulous event!

the SCENE Bisnow also covered last night’s Vogue event – click here for photos like [...]

Fashion in Washington


Black Halo dress and Janis Savitt jewelry from my client, Terra boutique.

It was great running into stylist, Pamela Burns at last week’s Innocents at Risk fundraiser. She is writing a fun new blog about fashion in Washington that gives the do’s and don’t that Glamour magazine made famous. Watch out [...]

A Jackass By Any Other Name


Earlier this week, off-the-record audio of President Barack Obama calling musician Kanye West “a jackass” was leaked onto the internet, resulting in a firestorm of reactions and commentary. Before I continue I’m going to bring those of you who missed this headline up to speed on how this all came about. For the rest [...]

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