The Politico’s List of DC’s Dreamboats





Daniel Libit, Erika Lovely and Anne Schroeder Mullins wrote an interesting article yesterday for Politico called “The Hunks of Washington”. Many of my readers may remember that my crush of all time was John F. Kennedy, Jr.. Now there is a man who would have topped my list of Political [...]

Urgent Legal Advice for Corporations Regarding Facebook


Facebook announced this week that, beginning Saturday, June 13, at 12:01 a.m. EDT, Facebook users will be allowed for the first time to create personalized URLs for their Facebook pages (e.g.,

Although Facebook encourages users to create URLs based on their personal names, Facebook anticipates that some of [...]

This Just In: Blonde Charity Mafia Will Not Air on July 7th


This just in. Someone from CW just forwarded me an email from Affiliate Relations directed to General Sales Managers, Program Directors, Promotion Managers stating the following:

“Blonde Charity Mafia” will no longer premiere on 7/7 as previously announced – it will be rescheduled for a later date/time to be determined. Please [...]

Twitter Community Responsible for Playboy Removing Their Conservative Women Hate F**k Piece


Yesterday, I wrote about Twitter, and how according the Harvard Business Review, 10% of Tweeple are responsible for 90% of the Tweets. Well, according to Tommy Christopher, a writer for Politics Daily, who has his own blog, the Twitter community was very active in getting Playboy to take down the [...]

Young Con Anthem


If you haven’t seen the new viral video “Young Con Anthem”, you’ve got to see it. Two Dartmouth students, David Rufful and Josh Riddle, created the video. It’s kind of like the Smirnoff Ice Tea Partay video with more substance — two young Conservatives rapping. Although, I’m a Republican, I’m moderate with [...]

Nobody Tweets!


You may remember my post a couple of months ago about how Twitter is just a bunch of noise, and nobody is really listening. Well, Harvard Business Review just published a story about how nobody is tweeting. Over half of Twitter users tweet less than once every 74 days, [...]

Passionate Living: Stacey Vaeth Gonzalez


Stacey Vaeth Gonzalez

What got you interested in photography?

A Reader’s Thoughts on Real Housewives of DC


Dear Miss A,

On the topic of Real Housewives – I have been watching the show since its Atlanta season (and obviously caught up on the seasons before that via ALL the marathons Bravo constantly runs) and the show has really evolved, only to take eight giant steps backward with this New [...]

The Wiki Gods Are Smiling!


Click here to take a look at the current version of my Wikipedia page.

Some Wikipedians like Orangemike seem to “come from a place of ‘no’ and I come from a place of ‘yes’” (to quote one of my favorite Real Housewives, Bethany Frankel ). Orangemike’s Wikipedia User page [...]

Real Housewives of D.C.


Photoshopped Pamela Sorensen of, Andrea Rodgers and Juleanna Glover (courtesy of DC Sleez)

I’ve been in meetings stretching from Old Town to Del Ray to Georgetown to Chevy Chase all day, and just got online about an hour ago. In addition to the haters on Late Night Shots, The Washington Post has [...]

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