Michaele Salahi: Bravo’s Next Pop Star?

Michaele Salahi "Misunderstood" cover

Earlier this week, Bravo debuted the soon-to-be released single from their latest “Real Housewife” turned singer, Danielle Staub. Amazingly enough, unlike Jo De La Rosa, Kim Zolciak, and Countess LuAnn before her, Danielle actually has a good voice and can sing without the aid of Auto-Tune! She needs some more vocal training to help […]

Bridal Lingerie Trend: The Bridal Diaper

bridal diaper

Your wedding is a time to celebrate finding the love of your life, and to mark leaving your mother and father and taking your place as an adult alongside your husband. When most people think of wedding lingerie, they think of beautiful white lace, or perhaps something blue, and garters. While some couples may […]

BP’s Response


I’m sure my readers are as frustrated about the situation BP caused in the Gulf of Mexico as I am. My heart goes out to all those down south whose homes, and livelihoods have been affected. I’m was always for capitalism and deregulation, but with corporations acting so recklessly and irresponsibly, I realize we […]

Andrea Rodgers To Be Featured In Advertising Campaign and Social Media For Major Beauty and Fashion Brands

Photo by Monica True

Andrea Rodgers (Photo by Monica True)


Andrea Rodgers in Vogue, W and Allure for SK-II

Many of my friends on Facebook have been following my journey and asking how my trip to New York went. On Monday, I had a great meeting at the headquarters for a major women’s brand which has […]

Vogue’s September Issue Photo Shoot: T Minus 1 Day

With Guy Friday, Mike Carson at Leukemia & Lymphoma's Man & Woman of the Year Finale Gala on Saturday Night

With Guy Friday, Mike Carson at Leukemia & Lymphoma's Man & Woman of the Year Finale Gala on Saturday Night

Well, it’s 4am. I could barely sleep last night. I’m not sure if it’s from the excitement of my impending trip to New York, or if it’s because I slept on my sofa […]

Vogue’s September Issue Photo Shoot: T Minus 3 Days

Julia Roberts as Tinkerbell

Julia Roberts as Tinkerbell

I’ve shared insight on what I’ve been calling “My Anna Wintour diet”. Today, I thought I’d write about what I’ve been doing beauty-wise. I’ve been using products from the luxury beauty brand in whose six month ad campaign I will be featured. On Tuesday, before my photo shoot with […]

Lady Gaga vs. Madonna at Major League Baseball Games

Single Bird

Single Bird

As my dedicated readers know, I love me some blonde music, which includes Lady Gaga’s music. Her latest stunt at last night’s New York Mets game has really turned me off, though. I can appreciate the avant garde attire she wears to the Grammy’s which seems to show that she is […]

Tareq and Michaele Salahi on America’s Cup of Polo, Oasis Winery and Crashing The White House

Tareq and Michaele Salahi

Tareq and Michaele Salahi

Kudos to my friend, Kate Michael and Sonya Gavankar for being able to get more out of an on-camera interview with Tareq and Michaele Salahi than Matt Lauer. I commend them both on their ability to keep their eyes from rolling when Tareq claimed that his champagne or […]

Vogue’s September Issue Photo Shoot: T Minus 4 Days

Yogurt and berries

Some people have been asking me how I’ve been dieting. I did finally get my waist down to 25 inches. Just so everyone knows, I haven’t been starving myself these past four weeks, but I’ve been eating ridiculously healthfully. I love salads and always watch what I eat, but these past four weeks I’ve […]

Vogue’s September Issue Photo Shoot: T Minus 5 Days

My friend and fellow member of The Vogue 100, Katie Rost

My friend and fellow member of The Vogue 100, Katie Rost

One thing that’s been awesome through this whole Vogue experience is that my close friend, Katie Rost is also going through a similar experience. She and I were both chosen by Vogue for The Vogue 100 list. It’s so nice to have […]

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