Birth Of Beyonce’s Daughter Sparks Controversy

beyonce baby bump

How would you feel if you had just given birth, your baby is in the NICU and you were barred from the building due to a celebrity giving birth in the same hospital? According to a parent whose baby was a patient in the NICU at Lennox Hill Hospital in New York, that is […]

Donna Donella States “I have never personally been harassed by Mr. Cain”

Like I wrote earlier today when I saw posts about Donna Donella and me linking into my website, Donna and I weren’t wearing provocative t-shirts and she isn’t the type to seek out male attention. I couldn’t believe someone I knew was an “accuser”. I didn’t understand why Donna would come forward over something […]

My Take on Donna Donella’s Accusation Against Herman Cain

I have been getting a lot of traffic to Miss A in relation to an acquaintance of mine, Donna Donella coming out against Presidential Candidate Herman Cain. There have been some negative things written about me and Donna on Free Republic and on CBS News that I would like to clear

Herman Cain


Tareq and Michaele Salahi Due In Court Regarding Virginia Wine Country Tours Fraud

Cheesy photo of Tareq and Michaele from their website

The Salahis are due in Loudoun County Court on July 18th for conning Chris Martin and his fiance Emily out of $1,200 with their phony Virginia Wine Tour scam. At their website for Virginia Wine Country Tours, Salahis show vehicles they no longer own, yet they are showing these vehicles and taking reservations to […]

Michaele And Tareq Salahi Will Allegedly Donate Stolen Wine To NY State Senator Greg Ball’s Victory Cup At Greenwich Polo Club

Michaele Salahi with Greg Ball

Oasis Winery is of course in bankruptcy. Apparently, a court ordered […]

NY State Senator Greg Ball Hosting the Salahis At Another Polo Campaign Fundraiser: This Time It May Be Legal

Greg Ball at the Courage Cup in 2005

Greg Ball at The Courage Cup in 2005

A reader informed me that this coming Saturday, July 10th, the Victory Cup polo event will take place at the Greenwich Polo Club. Greg Ball who is now a New York State Senator is hosting a polo campaign fundraiser. My readers may recall, that Ball […]

Fela Sekou Claims Brittany Norwood Walked Out On Bill for Hair Extensions

Real Housewives of DC's Ebong Eka, Deborah Kakstein, Fela Sekou, Real Housewives of DC Star, Mary Amons

In court today, Brittany Norwood was formally charged with killing Jayna Murray at the Lululemon store in Bethesda. Those who read my article this morning saw the comment I quoted from a local hairstylist: Well. I happen to be the hairstylist to Btittany and the pic here that quite frankly does tell a better […]

Brittany Norwood’s Motive in Murder of Jayna Murray at Lululemon in Bethesda

Jayna Murray

Many are speculating as to why Brittany Norwood may have killed Jayna Murray. You’ve heard of pop psychology with everyone having just enough knowledge of psychology to be dangerous. Well, that is what is happening here. We’ve all watched too many TV shows and movies, and are trying to figure out the motive. Perhaps […]

Tareq and Michaele Salahi and The Art of Persuasion

Michaele Salahi with Vice President Joe Biden

FINRA is the largest independent regulator for all securities firms doing business in the United States. They oversee nearly 4,560 brokerage firms, 163,465 branch offices and 630,820 registered securities representatives. Their chief role is to protect investors by maintaining the fairness of the U.S. capital markets. Federal Financial Industry Regulatory Authority [FINRA] has created […]

Old and New Drama on LateNightShots: Tangle with Reed Landry, Washington Life’s Michael Clements, MediaBistro’s Betsy Rothstein

Michael Clements

Michael Clements

I feel badly for the owners of Washington Life Magazine, Soroush Shehabi and Nancy Reynolds Bagley, but I would be remiss if I didn’t update my readers on a story from March of this year. You may recall that rumors were spreading, and various media outlets were reporting that Washington Life […]

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