favorite things for the real world

Now that Christmas is behind us and all the crazy shopping is done, I feel like it is well past time to get down to real life and back to business. So here is a list of my favorite things. Like Oprah but no, not at all really. This is a group of real-life, […]

Tips for a Safe and Happy Holiday with Your Dog!

Holiday Dogs

Every year pets are bought spontaneously as gifts, without taking into account important considerations such as the impact it will have on one’s lifestyle with the additional responsibility, costs, the time that goes into properly training an animal. As in choosing a mate, you shouldn’t choose an animal based […]

give the gift of honesty this holiday season

Holiday Letter

One of the best things about the Christmas season is the Holiday letter. I look forward to seeing which one of my friends will finally go up and over the top this year. They are full of staggering accomplishments and shameless bragging. I am surprised they don’t end with “Merry Christmas and […]

feasting on the bitter and the sweet


This time last year, I was happily preparing for a holiday season with all of my extended family. We had a great Thanksgiving and the best Christmas ever. I have two brothers and four sisters and we were all able to be together last Christmas. All twenty of the grandchildren were […]

can my wrongs make it right?

I am a selfish, lazy mother. It’s true. Worse than that, I think you should be too. Any of you out there that are mothers or ever plan on being a mother, listen to what I have stumbled upon in my nearly twenty years of parenting.

There is a law of nature at work […]

introduction to uncapitolized mom

Even after being married and raising children for twenty years, writing about it is a daunting task. One would think that I am overflowing with opinions and suggestions, but as with most great things in life, so much of it is a blur. My column will not be an advice column, but more of […]

‘Tis The Season: Pets


The holidays are a special time for pet owners, because there are so many great ways to spend quality time with your pet. Here are a couple of events you should mark on your calendar:

Pet Photos with Santa –

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