How To Improve The Relationship With Your In-Laws

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So the love of your life finally got down on bended knee and asked you to be his wife. You daydream endlessly of your perfect wedding day and years to come of marital bliss; the dress, your first dance, your future children and their high school graduations…what no one dreams […]

Recommit Yourself To Your Marriage In Honor Of National Recommitment Month

This July, my husband and I will have been married for four years. When people ask us how long we’ve been married and we tell them, they give us a “wow, it’s already been that long?” look. We are officially out of the newlywed stage. The question about when we are going to start […]

Date Your Mate Month Ideas

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May is “Date Your Mate Month.” It seems like a silly “holiday,” but it’s a great reminder for couples. Sometimes we all need a little push towards spending time with our partners. Recently, my husband and I celebrated our 8 year “Proposal Anniversary.” It’s a special day for us, a day we like to […]

How A Long Distance Relationship Can Prepare You For A Successful Marriage Relationship

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Most couples believe that the hardest part of a relationship is the part leading up to marriage. I certainly thought so, especially because I was in a long distance relationship for about three and a half years. If you think dating is hard, try doing it while three thousand miles apart from your boyfriend. […]

Find A Solution For Snoring To Save Your Marriage Relationship

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Growing up, I spent a lot of time at my grandparents’ house. My cousins and I would devise make believe games that lasted for hours. We would play hide and seek in the garden, and build castles and dungeons by flipping over the couches and covering them up with sheets. As a kid, my […]

Keeping Romance Alive After Having A Baby

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Many things changed when my husband and I had our son. Our relationship as a couple was one of them. It was no longer just the two of us. My husband and I had to share our space and our time with a tiny human and his mob of baby related things. We realized […]

Five Tips For A Fun Valentine’s Date Night In

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Every Valentine’s Day, I wake up believing that the sky will be pink instead of blue. That every room in the house will be decorated with red roses. That I can perpetually eat heart-shaped chocolate without getting full or sick. That my co-workers will be extremely nice all day long. That my husband’s answer […]

Be Smart About Your Smart Phone

I was never one to feel the need to have a phone that I could use not only to call people, but to send picture messages, update my status on Facebook and Twitter, or incessantly check the weather forecast. When my husband and I got engaged, I gave him the first Apple iPhone. As […]

Game Night For Two

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Picture this: You pace back and forth in the kitchen, checking things off your mental, nightly check list. Kids are tucked away in bed. Danny has the night light on. Anne has her favorite stuffed animal. Dishwasher is loaded. Laundry is going. Lunches are ready for the next day. Check. Check. Check. Check. Check. […]

Fall In Love With Your Spouse Again

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Do you remember the first time you went on a date with your husband? What did he order? What did he say that made you laugh or made you wonder about his life before you? How did you feel when he looked at you intently and curiously? I remember so many details about my […]

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