How To Stay Present In Parenting And In Life

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The kids are back to school, there are tons of activities to carpool to and your to do list just gets longer and longer. This is what we call Life. Even as I am writing this, I am eating my lunch, resisting the urge to check email messages and changing […]

How To Be A Relaxed Mom

How To Be A Relaxed Mom

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I follow an online blog called WikiHow. The site features a number of How-To articles, anything from “How to Tackle the Seven Summits” to “How to Make a Non-sew Tutu”. I get the “How To of the Day” updates and I recently came across an article that really stood out […]

Mother’s Day Gifts To Make Mom’s Life A Little Easier

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For Mother’s Day we know what moms really want – a day off. We want a day that we don’t have to think about the chores and the daily business of running the household. I wish I could give that gift to all the moms out there reading this. And when Mother’s Day is […]

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For The Special Moms In Your Life


Here are a few Mother’s day gift ideas for the special Mom’s in your life. […]

Review of Jessica Alba’s The Honest Life: Living Naturally And True To You


The goal of The Honest Life is to inform you on how to make choices for your family that are safe from toxins, Eco-Friendly, functional, yet still stylish so you can start living naturally. […]

How To Stay Fit As A Busy Mom

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Between getting the kids to school, keeping the little ones occupied, making dinner for the family, piles and piles of laundry, work, and all the other tasks and responsibilities that creep into our daily lives, how do busy moms ever have time to squeeze in a little healthy-time for themselves? It’s a question that […]

Keeping Your Life Balanced In The New Year


Keeping your life balanced in the new year can be easy with a few steps that you can incorporate in your busy day! […]

How To Be More Handy Around Your Home


How many times have you walked by a painting sitting on the floor of your living room waiting to be hung? How about that light fixture you’ve been wanting to change in your bedroom? How about that leaky faucet? As a stay at home mom, I’ve learned to be more handy.

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Why Moms Blog

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Why start a blog? Well, I started my blog, Backwards Life, after my first daughter was born. I had been writing online in some fashion since I was 19, but those had all been private accounts on services like LiveJournal. Once I had a baby to talk about 24/7, I decided to start a […]

How Stay At Home Mothers Can Stay Connected To The Outside Adult World

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Before having a baby my extracurricular activities involved reading books, shopping, fine dining, entertaining and lots of other adult activities. Now, between changing diapers, play dates and managing my home, I don’t have the opportunity to do “grown up” things. Don’t get me wrong; I still make a point to do the things that […]

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