Entertaining Family And Friends With Board Games

Family Feud Photo Credit: EndlessGames.com

Entertaining Family and Friends with Board Games […]

Six Ways To Enjoy Your Family During The Holidays

Photo Credit: thepartyfaq.com

As a child, the only things that holidays bring to mind are playing with cousins, eating tons of food, and opening gifts. But as the years go by, some people find that the family time becomes a necessity to be tolerated instead of an exciting, highly anticipated event. If you find yourself dreading the […]

DIY (Mostly) Children’s Birthday Party

Photo Credit: http://www.cakejournal.com

When my daughter turned one, we decided to make it a small affair, especially since most of our family and friends don’t live nearby. And at one, I really didn’t feel that the children in my daughter’s daycare center were her “friends.” So alas, we went all out on cake and presents and added […]

Tips for Hosting a Kid-Friendly Adult Party

Photo by Keith Scott Morton for Country Living Magazine

Photo by Keith Scott Morton for Country Living Magazine

No matter how much you promise to tip the neighborhood teenager you hired for your party, kids typically manage to breach the babysitter perimeter and find their parents for every need and want. And while we all agree that a backyard carnival or potato […]