Cold Season Made Easy With Simply Saline By ARM And HAMMER Plus Giveaway

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With Fall creeping in on us (slowly in Southern California), there are a lot of germs floating around. Cold season has been infiltrating my house for two months now! My son just started preschool, so he always has a runny nose or a cough. My husband suffers from […]

Keeping Your Home Fresh With ARM & HAMMER: Review And Tips

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These days I feel like all I do is laundry. My son is in the process of being potty trained. Even though it has been a few months, he is still having accidents, which is making my laundry load even bigger and unfortunately messier! It […]

Review of Jessica Alba’s The Honest Life: Living Naturally And True To You


The goal of The Honest Life is to inform you on how to make choices for your family that are safe from toxins, Eco-Friendly, functional, yet still stylish so you can start living naturally. […]

Keeping Your Life Balanced In The New Year


Keeping your life balanced in the new year can be easy with a few steps that you can incorporate in your busy day! […]

Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company: Natural & Eco-friendly Products


Every parent wants what is best for their baby. I remember searching for all things natural and eco-friendly when I was preparing for the birth of my baby. I wanted to provide an environment that was pure and uncontaminated by harsh products.

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Providing natural, organic and eco-friendly products […]

How To Be More Handy Around Your Home


How many times have you walked by a painting sitting on the floor of your living room waiting to be hung? How about that light fixture you’ve been wanting to change in your bedroom? How about that leaky faucet? As a stay at home mom, I’ve learned to be more handy.

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Five Reusable Products That Teach Your Kids To Live Green

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The logic behind sustainable products is simple; investing in items used every day will save your family time and money. Not to mention, it teaches your kids green living alternatives, keeps harmful plastics and toxins out of your home, and helps keep our planet healthy.

Here are five reusable products to invest in […]

New Baby Organization Products From PRK Products


Having a baby is one of the most beautiful moments in our lives, but nobody tells you the amount of things that little cute face can accumulate. In an attempt to keep organization up while simultaneously keeping stress levels down, PRK Products Inc. has developed two crafty organizational tools designed to give families one […]

How To Make Your Own Eco-Friendly And Non-Toxic Home Cleansers


With aisles and aisles full of toxic cleaners for our households, what can moms do to help the planet?

Did you know the average household contains between 3 and 25 gallons of toxic material and almost all in the form of household cleaners? The CDC says we don’t need all the antibacterial products, and […]

How To Remove Common Household Stains

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Stains are a part of a mother’s life. Children can’t help scraping their knee, getting grass stains, and spilling their food. If you have pets, you have double the trouble. Pets drag in dirt and a lingering odor. Removing stains doesn’t have to be tricky. Here is a list of common stains (caused by […]