Disney Junior’s Popular Sofia The First Renewed For Second Season Filled With Celebrity Guests


Sofia, the First meets Disney Legend Snow White (credit: Disney)

There is a certain amount of magic that is needed to create children’s programming that is beloved by parents as much as it is their children. Disney Junior’s Sofia, the First, just renewed for it’s second season, falls into this category. Wholesome story […]

Ideas For Celebrating Valentine’s Day With Your Children

Photo Credit: oopseydaisyblog.com

Celebrating Valentine’s day with your family can be simple and sweet with a few ideas. […]

Summer Movies for Kids 2012


Going to movies is a huge treat for kids in the summer. I think parents don’t mind the two hours of silence either! With the summer in full swing and probably most summer day camps over, families flock to the movies for a nice activity and some free air-conditioning. There are a variety of […]

Celebrate Earth Day With Disney Nature’s Chimpanzee Movie To Benefit The Jane Goodall Institute

CHIMPANZEE one sheet

Have you ever seen a more beautiful picture? I love it and Disneynature did a phenomenal job on their newest film, Chimpanzee. A beautiful story about Oscar and Freddie. Oscar loses his mommy and Freddie adopts him. It shows you a site never seen before about how chimps work and relate. From the waterfalls […]