Creative Welcome Baskets For Your House Guests

Welcome Basket via Southern Weddings (Photography by Adam Barnes & Katie Stoops)

Do you have family coming into town for the holidays? Make them feel welcome by giving them a basket of gifts upon their arrival or put in the guest bedroom for their enjoyment. Try to pick unique items that consider your guests’ personalities or your city’s local offerings. Here are some nice and thoughtful […]

Fabulous Beachy Hostess Gift: Volcanica Candles

Photo credit: Volcania Candles.

Everyone loves summer! If you are lucky enough to be invited for a stay at a friend’s beach house or your presence is requested at an amazing summer soiree, you will of course need a hostess gift!

Photo credit: Volcanica Candles.

Now, I know you are thinking that the whole “candles as a […]

How To Be A Great Hostess To House Guests

Whole Grain Waffles with Blueberries

There are many things I enjoy about living in the south and being married to a southern man. Part of that has been discovering and creating my own concept of what it means to be a hostess. Growing up in Texas, I always felt connected to the sense of “Southern Hospitality,” but my mom […]