What The Bride Should Wear To Her Rehearsal Dinner

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It’s the night before the big day and friends and family are all gathering for the rehearsal dinner to celebrate. Many of these people have traveled far distances and haven’t seen the bride and groom in quite some time. As the bride, the outfit worn to the rehearsal dinner needs to be a special […]

Wedding Guest Etiquette 101: How To Be Perfectly Polite

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It is so much fun to be invited to a wedding! From the time the elegant invitation arrives in the mail, guests feel flattered and honored to be included in such a momentous occasion. It is important, however, to show your appreciation by following proper guest etiquette! Here are a few critical rules to […]

Fashion Guidelines For Wedding Guests

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You are invited to a wedding. How exciting! In addition to shopping for a gift and remembering to RSVP, you have another daunting task before you: selecting your outfit.

Of course, you want to be yourself and show off your fabulous style, but you also need to take the rules of etiquette into consideration. […]

Perfect Hostess Gifts


When it comes to hostess gifts, I prefer the personal touch rather than flowers and wine – personally I have enough vases underneath my counter to open my own florist, and enough wine to open my own wine bar. There is absolutely nothing wrong with flowers or wine, but it tends to be the […]

Check Your List Twice: Necessities For Making Your Holiday Party Nice

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Click, click, click…is that reindeer on the roof? Nope, it’s hundreds of holiday party e-vites being sent out. Now that your party invite is safely filed in a guest’s inbox, have you thought about the details? If you keep these festive fundamentals in mind your party will be sure to bring good cheer.

Theme […]

Business Etiquette Matters

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These days, I attend a lot of business networking functions where etiquette and manners consistently come into play. However, there are times that I walk away wondering if some people missed the memo on how to properly conduct themselves in business networking settings. Don’t get me wrong! Most people that I interact with are […]

Out With The Baby Shower, In With The Sprinkle?

Photo Credit: www.newsinus.us

Photo Credit: www.newsinus.us

According to etiquette gurus (including Emily Post), it is never truly improper to celebrate the impending arrival of a new baby with a shower even if it is a second, third or fourth child. With each new baby comes excitement and friends and family close to the parents usually enjoy […]

How To Be A Good Summer Party Guest

(Photo Credit: www.oprah.com)

(Photo Credit: www.oprah.com)

I love a good party (who doesn’t?) and other than during the holiday season, summer seems like the best time to enjoy one. When you are the one hosting a party, there is always something to think about—something that you might be forgetting. When you are attending a party, however, […]

Considerate Guests RSVP

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If you’ve ever been married you know first-hand how much pressure is placed on the wedding couple […]

Importance of Writing a Thank You Note

thank you monogram

Last week I wrote about the importance of saying thank you. Today I want to also remind about the importance of writing a note of thanks. Our society today is consumed with technology, and many daily tasks have been improved because of technological advancements. However, the art of the hand-written thank you note will […]

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