Bridal Shower Inspiration: Shabby-Chic Pink And Green Bridal Shower

Photo credit: Anna Webb

Photo Credit: Anna Webb

As a wedding and entertaining fanatic, I know a fabulous bridal shower when I see one! This amazing pink and green hued “shabby chic” shower is one of the loveliest I have found.

The color scheme was inspired by bride Anna’s love of all things pink! The bride’s sister […]

Host An Art Shower For The Bride And Groom

Photo credit:

(Photo Credit:

Engaged couples are often in search of creative ideas for their pre-wedding “showers”. Gone are the days of assuming that every bride-to-be wants a blender and some china! Couples who are career-oriented and established often already have the basics for setting up a home together. So why not host a […]

Bridal Shower Gift Idea: Personalized Cake Pan

Photo credit: Stationery Studio.

Ok, I admit it. I love personalized gifts! They are so thoughtful and unique! I came across this idea from The Stationery Studio recently and thought it would make an adorable bridal shower gift!

(Photo Credit: Stationery Studio)


(Photo Credit: Stationery Studio)

This custom cake or baking pan is made of […]

Reverse Charades Bridal Shower Game Supports Susan G. Komen For The Cure


Typical ice breakers for bridal showers can range from “How do you know the bride?” quizzes to the classic toilet paper and veil game. Those are a total bore. There is always an opportunity for the bride who wants to give back to the community to party while simultaneously doing something for her community.


Host An Amazing Bridal Shower

(Photo credit: Martha Stewart Living)

Bridal showers are a traditional and fun part of any bride’s wedding preparations.

(Photo credit: Martha Stewart Living)

The typical shower involves a ladies’ luncheon and lots of shower gifts, but some hostesses are going the extra mile and come up with more creative and interesting ideas for their parties. Here are a […]

Personalized Online Shopping For Brides At

Photo Credit: Tailored

Have you heard the news? There is a whole new way to deal with wedding gift selection!

Officially launching this week, is changing the way people shop for weddings as the first online personalized shopping site where brides can discover and purchase products and services that match their unique style and budget.

Julee Ireland’s Simplicité


(Photo Credit: Julee Ireland)

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but allow me to let you all in on a disturbing yet axiomatic truth: we are currently in the throes of an all-consuming technological revolution, and there’s no end in sight. Facebook, email, laptops, Twitter, texting, the shameless hoarding […]

Bridal Showers: Elegant, Not Elaborate

bridal shower

This season tends to be the time of bridal showers. And although we’ve all been to our fair share of “memorable” parties complete with games that involve wrapping yourself in toilet paper wedding dresses, my favorite showers are those that keep the design simple and the entertainment tasteful. Let’s face it, none of us […]