Baby Gender Reveal Party Ideas

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Lately, there have been many occasions for moms-to-be to celebrate their pregnancy, one being gender reveal parties. Gender reveal parties aren’t necessarily a baby shower, but instead it’s a chance for expecting mothers to throw a party revealing the baby’s gender. There are many ways to go about throwing this event, and we have […]

5 Royal Baby Gift Ideas

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For the royal family who has everything, only a push gift fit for a queen will do. A few items already gifted to Kate include a kangaroo knitted by Australian’s Prime Minister, a $15,000 white gold charm bracelet that doubles as a diaper cream holder and an authentic Finnish baby box sent by the […]

Baby Shower Gift Guide

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For new mommies, the baby shower is the highlight of their pregnancy, more important than birthday and, yes, even Christmas. It’s the one day where mothers have a right to get all the praise and adoration. They can celebrate the major upcoming change in their life with their family and friends. There are some […]

Creative Baby Shower Ideas

martha stewart baby shower

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Party planning and event decorating has become all the rage lately. Planning a baby shower is tons of fun. Everything related to a baby is so cute and little, it’s hard not to get carried away with adorable things at a baby shower. For my baby shower I went […]

Out With The Baby Shower, In With The Sprinkle?

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According to etiquette gurus (including Emily Post), it is never truly improper to celebrate the impending arrival of a new baby with a shower even if it is a second, third or fourth child. With each new baby comes excitement and friends and family close to the parents usually enjoy […]