How To Travel Light And Avoid Baggage Fees

travel chic

A new meaning has been given to traveling lightly as airlines continue to impose frustrating baggage fees. As if travel isn’t difficult enough, travelers are now forced to condense their wardrobe into a tiny shell of a bag, or cough up the average $50 bag check fee for a round trip flight. The good […]

What to Pack for Paris in Spring

Eiffel Tour in the Spring

A reader of my blog recently pondered the question of what to pack when visiting the most fashionable city in the world: Paris. Parisian style is world renown, so wondering what to pack for a first-time visit is a totally legitimate concern. Who wants to be caught looking like the classic American tourist? Not […]

What to Pack for Your Thanksgiving Holiday


Next week, we will break bread (and a turkey leg or two) with family and friends on a day observed to give thanks. Some will travel across town while others several states or even a country to mark the Thanksgiving holiday. Perhaps, the festive weekend will include a museum or art gallery walk, a […]