Bank vs. Budget: Jackets


Looking for a bargain? We have a feeling this article might shock you and have you running to the nearest mall to grab a few deals. At least that’s what it has us doing! Take a look at how similar these items are but how different their price points are.

Trench Coat


Fashionable Rain Gear

MoMA Color Wheel Umbrella | $40 | MoMA Store

With Frankenstorm currently residing on the eastern seaboard, it’s as good a time as any to discuss all things raindrop repellent. With hurricane season upon us and the winter months of rain, sleet and snow on the horizon, it’s time you invest in making your rainy season wardrobe just as fabulous as your sunny […]

Fall 2012 Trend: Capes

Lafayette 148 New York Reversible Cape | $598 | Photo credit: Neiman Marcus

With Halloween just a week away, I can’t help but think of superheroes this time of year. Superman, Batman, even the fabulous Wonder Woman herself all wore fierce uniforms when they transformed into their alter egos, so it’s no wonder trick-or-treaters young and old would jump at the opportunity to don a similar ensemble […]

Staying Fashionable and Dry in the Rain

Spring weather has been especially tough on those of us living in the Northeast, as we’ve suffered through weeks of dreary days with fog, mist, drizzle, thunderstorms, and ultimate downpours. The only benefit of the unfortunate weather is that it has left me with plenty of time indoors to research and invest in […]

Fall Trends 2010: Capes, Cloaks and Ponchos


Yves Saint Laurent

When seeing the resurgence of capes in the Fall 2010 collections, I started to think “What’s the difference between a cape, a cloak, and a poncho”. After some research, it became apparent that the line between cape and cloak is very blurry, but it seems the general consensus is that, […]

Vegan Coats Keep Wind And Cold At Bay

Rebe "Betty" coat

You survived Snowmageddon but don’t think of retiring your winter coat just yet. Mother Nature continues her cooling streak with high winds and showers through March. Now is a good time to invest in a vegan, ethically-produced coat to keep the wind and cold at bay.

Head to Carbon where you can pick up […]

Protect Your Extremities From Jack Frost

DeNada Scarf and Glove

De*Nada Scarf and Gloves

Just shy a few days of Thanksgiving and in many parts of the country, we are still donning shorts and tees. The unseasonable warm weather, courtesy of climate change, has us reaching for our stored summer items. But not so fast – Mother Nature has a wicked […]