Business Spotlight: BoobyPack

(Photo Credit: BoobyPack)

In 2013, Christina Conrad set out to solve a problem that many ladies face when heading out to a music festival, running or going out dancing. Where do I put my stuff if I don’t want to carry a purse? The Boobypack was born. From the Luxury Spot to Huffington Post to Perez Hilton, […]

Find Style Direction For The New Year With Zappos Trendz Expert Natasha Pace


Scene: I got into trouble as soon as I walked out the door. It’s the fourth morning of Mercedes-Benz-Fashion Week, and the Manhattan streets are strangely quiet. For a few precious hours, my crazy schedule is calm, so I decide to walk to my trainer David Kirsch’s office for some vitamins. If I can […]

Interview With Sarah Boyd, Founder Of

Simply Stylist Founder Sarah Boyd ( Photo Credit: Simply Stylist)

Simply Stylist Founder Sarah Boyd ( Photo Credit: Simply Stylist)

Let’s begin with her schedule. She doesn’t work on weekends. Unless she’s a Simply Stylist conference. She regularly works out. She manages to find family time, mommy time, dinner time and doggy time, while running two successful companies. Welcome to Sarah Boyd‘s world. […]

Interview With Style Network’s Louise Roe

Style Pop CoHost Louise Roe with her new shoe collection ( Photo Credit:

Louise Roe, Co-Host of The Style Network’s Style Pop (Photo Credit:

Louise Roe, is a fearless female, who’s taking the world by storm. During the summer life normally slows down, but not for this busy bee. As the host of NBC’s “Fashion Star” and the makeover show “Plain Jane,” she guides dozens […]

Belk’s Arlene Goldstein Discusses Summer 2013 Trends

Arlene Goldstein ( Photo Credit:

Arlene Goldstein ( Photo Credit: Belk)

When you have the chance to chat with a 25-year fashion veteran, you take it. Knowing what questions to ask can be a challenge – where to begin? Arlene Goldstein is considered a “Yoda” of sorts to stylists, fashion publications and fashion companies throughout the country. She’s […]

Interview With Radiate Athletics Founders Kenny Crockett And Jared Casey


Founders Kenny Crockett and Jared Carey (Photo Credit: Radiate Athletics)

Show your true colors at the gym this summer with thermal-sensitive workout clothes from Radiate Athletics. Their moisture-wicking, compression gear change colors—yes, colors—to reveal whether or not you’re working out hard enough! Fresh from a successful Kickstarter campaign, founders Kenny Crockett and Jared […]

Interview With Designer Naeem Khan

Naeem Khan Fall 2013 Couture Collection (Photo Credit: Anda Bailey)

Naeem Khan with Miss A writers Anda Bailey and Grace Yco (Photo Credit: Anda Bailey)

In the spirit of Dr. Seuss’s wise words, “philanthropy is always in fashion,” The Globe Guilders of San Diego presented a fabulous runway show featuring Naeem Khan’s Fall 2013 Couture Collection. In conjunction with Neiman Marcus and the […]

Interview With Prashi Shah, Owner Of Prashe, Society Language And Prashe Decor

Designer Prashi Shah
(Photo Credit:

Designer Prashi Shah(Photo Credit:

Prashi Shah is one of Dallas’ premiere designers. Her clothing lines, Prashe and Society Language, have been featured in numerous fashion publications as well as on the fashion elite. The exquisite details of her designs, such as the excellent craftsmanship and intricate embroidery featuring Swarovski Crystals beading catapults […]

Interview With Founders Of Aakofii Jewelry

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

With a name meaning, “First Queen of the New Nation”, you know the jewelry has to be pretty fascinating. Atlanta jewelry artist, Aakofii (the artist’s middle name) has launched a jewelry collection that goes deeper than the precious metals used; each piece is preceded with prayer and meditation so positive […]

Interview with Caitlin Crosby Creator of The Giving Keys


As if the fashion scene couldn’t get any cooler, a new brand has surfaced that is not only charitable, but also inspirational. It’s no surprise that owner/creator of the brand, Caitlin Crosby, is hitting the ground running with her company The Giving Keys. It all started while she was on tour (because she’s a […]

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