Spring 2013 Trend: How To Wear Snakeskin

How To Wear Snake Skin

Snakeskin is popping up everywhere, from Erdem’s fantastic Spring 2013 collection, to your favorite street style goddesses. But that doesn’t mean it’s an easy trend to wear- too much, or in the wrong proportion, and you can look like a villain from a daytime soap opera. But done right, it’s incredibly chic, and can […]

How To Mix Your Winter Wardrobe With Spring Essentials

Brighten Up Your Spring Wardrobe

Spring is arguably the loveliest time of the year – flowers are blooming, birds are singing, and we ladies are tentatively peeling off the mountains of layers we had been shrouding ourselves with since October. It’s not always practical to buy a new wardrobe every time the seasons change, but have you […]

Harper’s BAZAAR’s Work The Look Program Teaches MBA Candidates Boardroom Style

Work the Look (Photo credit: www.tumblr.com - Harper's Bizaare)

Work the Look (Photo Credit: tumblr.com – Harper’s Bizaare)

Harper’s BAZAAR has been going across the country to show top MBA candidates how to go from the classroom to the boardroom with style in a program called “Work the Look.” With help from experts in the fashion, beauty and skin care industries, the […]

Transitioning Your Summer Wardrobe Into Fall

(Photo Credit: www.smashion.com)


(Photo Credit: www.smashion.com)

Every year I have the same routine; as soon as the weather starts to cool, I go through my closet and dressers and pack away all of my summer clothing to make room for my fall apparel. In the past year, I had the pleasure of […]

How to Know What Colors Are Best for Your Skin Tone

kim kardashian

(Photo Credit: TwitFace.net)

Before I joined the beauty world, I use to stumble with one particular question: “How do I know which colors work best for my complexion?” It may sound very simple, but for the not so beauty savvy, it can be a stumbling block. So I’m going to give you the […]

How to Wear Any Jean Trend

Courtesy of www.jeansshoppingonline.com

I am a true advocate for purchasing jeans that fit and look great, despite the denim trends that seem to come and pass almost daily. Also, I am fully aware that the Citizens of Humanity skinny jeans I own do not match the normally budget-friendly criteria I set an example of. However, when it […]

Four Fun Espadrille Choices


There’s something about sunshine and spring flowers that makes me desperately crave a fresh pedicure and some open-toed shoes.

Although it’s too jarring to “leap” right into flip flops, espadrilles provide a practical transition into sandal season and somehow manage to be comfortable, yet make you look put together when worn with a more […]

5 Must Have Classic Handbags


Next to diamonds, a handbag is a fashionista’s best friend (and maybe a great pair of shoes). This ultimate accessory has been by a woman’s side as her faithful companion, not to mention it knows all her “baggage.” With so many styles of handbags to choose from, there’s an unlimited amount of friends to […]

J.Crew Personal Shoppers: Not Just for the Rich and Famous!


I have always thought that Personal shoppers were for Celebrities and the wives of dignitaries and wealthy business men. Never had I considered using one for myself – until the other day! A few weeks ago, I was lured by a coupon telling me that if I used the J. Crew personal shopper, I […]

Two Tips for Fashionistas!

Gary Booties from Target

Two great Fashion Rules to follow…Think Before you Splurge: Before you commit to an expensive trend, test-drive a budget-friendly option, like a faux leather bomber jacket. Now, for the second rule; and Protect Your Investments: If you buy a pair of designer shoes, spend about $20 to have a rubber sole added. […]

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