Bon Appetit Magazine’s 2012 Food Lover’s Cleanse

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Feeling intimidated by your peers’ exclamations to “detox”-this and “cleanse”-that in the new year? Worried about all those foods that you’ll have to give up and the money you’ll end up spending just to shed those last few pounds? Well, don’t be. This month’s Bon Appetit magazine has come to the rescue: A two-week, […]

Your Girlfriends And Your Weight

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You love spending time with your girlfriends, but did you realize the power you have over each other when it comes to your weight?

Some interesting studies have been released lately about how integrative those gal-pal relationships are and how they effect our size and ultimately our health.

Studies out of MIT (Massachusetts Institute […]

Seven Healthy Tips For The Day After Thanksgiving

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It happened again. You overate, you indulged your foodie passions, and you blissfully savored every luscious morsel your heart and stomach desired.

Today you’re full of all that food, and maybe some regret. Bloated, full around the middle, sluggish, foggy brained, and downright stuffed?

Your first instinct might be to punish- yourself, the holiday […]

Chris Christie Critics Need To Take Note: Skinny Does Not Equal Healthy


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Chris Christie pulled out of the race for Republican candidacy after repeated commentary and criticism about his weight.

Headlines asked “Are we ready for a fat President?” Bloggers weighed in on his potential health risks and what that would mean for our country. Dozens of journalists commented on how […]

5 Ways More Sleep Can Mean More Weight Loss


Trying to lose weight? If you aren’t sleeping well at night and not getting the right amount of sleep, it can ruin all your good intentions to lose weight.

Those cravings and irresistible urges you’re fighting during the day might be linked to a hormonal imbalance that can be corrected with a week of […]

Miracle Weight Loss and Beauty Tip

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If I told you I had a Miracle method to lose weight fast, and that the side effect would be gorgeous skin and increased energy, would you be interested? I’m guessing you would be! Here it is. Water. That’s right. Water is the ultimate key to weight loss success. Here’s how it works.

Most […]