Healthy Avocado Toast


Photo Credit: Holli Thompson

Avocado toast is my idea of comfort food. Every once in a while I crave this perfect combination of creamy avocado, cayenne heat, salt, citrus and healthy fat.

It’s more of an assemble, rather than a recipe, but I think you’ll love it.


1 slice of your favorite […]

Summer Couscous With Zucchini And Mint

Summer couscous with zucchini and mint

This is a great dish that celebrates all that is fresh from the garden from springtime through the summer. Later in the summer I add cherry tomatoes; earlier in the spring I use asparagus instead of zucchini without changing anything else. It’s a wonderful dish for entertaining since it can be made ahead of […]

Penne With Kale And Onion Recipe

Summer Recipe: Penne With Kale And Onion

I personally love kale, but surprisingly few of my friends and family feel the same way. The dark color and leafy texture scream vitamins and other nutrients but may also be the characteristics that doom the vegetable to hatred.

When chopped and added to a batch of pasta, however, the taste of the kale […]

Roasted Vegetable Tart Recipe


Spring is here! It’s time for fresh roasted vegetables like fennel, asparagus, green onions and tomatoes. Basking in the glistening outdoor sun and enjoying a fresh savory tart is what Spring time is all about. Add a few fresh herbs like parsley and thyme, and your Easter brunch will be a […]

Eggplant Casserole Recipe

Eggplant casserole for Passover

Passover Eggplant Casserole With Red Pepper Pesto And Cajun Matzoh Crumbs (Photo Credit: Sandy Axelrod)

With Passover quickly approaching I was in search of something a little different to serve at the seder. For so many years I have prepared my usual fare. In fact it was virtually the same menu that my […]

Vegetarian Chili Recipe From NutritionalStyle

Vegetarian Chili

One of my clients makes this dish in her slow cooker in the morning so that dinner is ready to go when she gets home that evening. The portobello mushrooms add a meaty texture and the rice makes it a hearty meal!

Nutritional Style’s Vegetarian Chili

(Photo Credit:


1 tbsp olive […]

Rustic Cauliflower Caserole

cauliflower bake

This recipe was inspired by ‘French Women Don’t Get Fat’ cookbook. This book had a recipe using cauliflower over pasta with bread crumbs baked on top. I reworked this recipe without the pasta and added a whole lot of other great ingredients. Cauliflower is a scrumptious winter vegetable. This recipe lets cauliflower have center […]

Pumpkin And Cauliflower Casserole In Pumpkin Shells

(Photo Credit: Quick Dish)

While browsing Pinterest, I saw the cutest idea for Thanksgiving dinner table centerpieces. After removing the flesh of a pumpkin, you’re left with a pumpkin shell that can be used to hold servings of your dish while adding a touch of seasonal décor to your dinner table.

Try this pumpkin and cauliflower casserole recipe […]

Butternut Squash Pie Recipe From Serious Eats

(Photo Credit: Serious Eats)

The first suggested searches provided by Google when you type in “butternut squash” are for soups, casseroles and bread. But if you want to really experiment with this ingredient, try turning a nutritious vegetable into a gorgeous, tasty dessert perfect for Thanksgiving dinner.

The result of this recipe from Serious Eats is a pie […]

Spaghetti Squash With Pomodoro Sauce

spaghetti squash pomodoro

With Thanksgiving upon us, great menu ideas that do not involve a turkey are still needed. If you have guests coming for dinner next week, you will need to feed them for more than one Thanksgiving meal.

This is simple and filling without over stuffing, which will definitely not be needed. Take a simple […]

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