Spaghetti Squash With Pomodoro Sauce

spaghetti squash pomodoro

With Thanksgiving upon us, great menu ideas that do not involve a turkey are still needed. If you have guests coming for dinner next week, you will need to feed them for more than one Thanksgiving meal.

This is simple and filling without over stuffing, which will definitely not be needed. Take a simple […]

Light And Simple Pasta Recipes

Photo Credit: Linda Yao

I admit I used to always use Ragú® sauces when I made pasta because it’s quick and easy. Eventually, however, I realized how much sodium I was consuming from the sauce alone, and I discovered that making my own pasta sauces from scratch really didn’t take too much effort.

An especially easy pasta to […]

Ramp Up The Pesto With Ramps, Wild Leeks

Pesto with Wild Ramps

Wild Ramps (Photo Credit:

Springtime is the season for many epicurean treasures. Ramps are wild leeks that are native to the Appalachian Mountains. Wild ramps are a favorite of mine, and after you try this simple recipe, it is sure to become one of yours as well.

Using wild ramps to make […]