Penne With Kale And Onion Recipe

Summer Recipe: Penne With Kale And Onion

I personally love kale, but surprisingly few of my friends and family feel the same way. The dark color and leafy texture scream vitamins and other nutrients but may also be the characteristics that doom the vegetable to hatred.

When chopped and added to a batch of pasta, however, the taste of the kale […]

Grilled Corn, Avocado And Tomato Salad With Honey Lime Dressing

Memorial Day Salad: Grilled Corn, Avocado And Tomato salad With Honey Lime Dressing

With Memorial Day fast approaching, it is time to consider the selection of food to be served at your picnic, barbeque, potluck, etc. A staple for gatherings is definitely the always simple and quick-to-make salad that nutritionally balances out the unlimited quantities of burgers and hot dogs served on Memorial Day. That doesn’t mean […]

Healthy Broccoli Slaw Salad

Photo from www.dole.,com

As a girl with very limited kitchen skills, I tend to get really excited when I make something yummy. This recipe requires no cooking or measuring and makes an awesome side dish or meal!

(Photo Credit:

I start with one of my favorite things, a bag of broccoli slaw, which is healthy, […]

Kale & Lemon Salad Recipe From Melissa D’Arabian

Kale Salad From Melissa D'Arabian Recipe ( Photo Credit Food Network)

We know everyone’s eyes will be glued to the television tonight for the Presidential Elections, so we wanted to find some quick and healthy recipes to make your dinner plans snappy. This recipe from The Melissa D’Arabian host of “Ten Dollar Dinners” will surely hit the spot.It’s tasty, healthy and really quick.

Kale & […]

Mary Sue Milliken And Susan Feniger’s Quinoa Salad

(Photo Credit: Linda Yao)

I’m sure you’ve all seen those mouth-watering pictures of salads at restaurants. What you don’t see in the pictures are the nutrition facts telling you the salad dressings that make the salads so delicious are packed with saturated fats, sodium and cholesterol.

I love Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger’s Quinoa Salad because it […]

Caprese On A Stick

caprese skewers

Happy Memorial Day! I am sure many of you are in full grilling mode at this moment. Unless, like myself you were fortunate to be invited somewhere. Then the only dilemma is what food to bring. There are so many from which to chose, but I dare say, this one is a winner. Tomato, […]

Lemon Quinoa Cilantro Chickpea Salad


(Photo Credit: With a Twist blog)

As a vegetarian (most of the time, I enjoy a fish dish every now and again), I often have to get quite creative with my culinary pursuits; most notably when it comes to my protein intake. With the absence of meat proteins in my diet, I have […]

Watermelon Feta Salad

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Do you ever have those days that 5 ingredients are still too many, turning on the grill is too much of a process, and thawing something out even seems out of the question? I have those days a lot during the summer months, but still have a family to […]

Recipe for Tabbouli

Tabbouli, hummus and baba ghannoush are the trifecta of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine. Known as mezze, or small dishes, the selection can be served either for lunch or dinner. Tabbouli is a traditional dish of bulgur, parsley, mint, tomato and onion seasoned with lemon juice and olive oil.

Bulgur is a great addition […]

Spinach Salad Recipe

Spinach Salad with Bacon and Eggs

I’ve always been a salad freak. Just ask my mother. She’ll tell you I used to beg her to make them for my lunchbox starting when I was in second grade. She thinks it actually began before birth because she craved them when she was pregnant with me. My love of salads hasn’t waned. […]

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