Top Juice Cleanses For Fall 2013

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Juice cleanses have slowly become all the rage for health nuts everywhere. The benefits of doing a juice cleanse are amazing: ridding the body of built up toxins, weight loss, increases in energy, and many more. The only disadvantage to trying juice cleanses is, often the price. However, the amount of produce that goes […]

Interview With Joan Lunden On Her New Cookware Line Twiztt


I had the opportunity to talk with one of America’s most recognized TV personalities and as she came on the phone line, I would recognize that voice anywhere, ‘Hello, this is Joan Lunden’. For nearly 20 years she was the trusted voice of Good Morning America, a broadcast legend that has done everything but […]

Figure Friendly Bread Pudding With Red Stag Spiced Bourbon Sauce

Puddin' on the Red Stag Bread Pudding Recipe (Photo Credit:

My grandpa always says, “Bourbon goes with everything.” I am finding lately that just the right kick of the powerful concoction does make all the difference in certain recipes. The Red Stag Spiced flavor expression by Jim Beam is perfect for anyone who hasn’t considered bourbon before.

Our team was really impressed with the […]

Bella Dots’ Fashion Inspired Kitchen Appliances

Stacy Keibler showing off the Bella Dots line of Counter Kitchen Appliances (Photo Credit:LBF Media)

Who knew a coffee maker could be so chic? Well the Bella Dots brand, which is exclusive to Target, is gorgeous, economical and functional. And celebs from coast to coast love it as well. Just look at the lovely Stacy Keibler at the Bella Dots Launch Pop Up Kitchen party in NYC. “This is […]

HobNob Wines Light Wicked Red Punch Recipe For Halloween

HobNob Wicked Wicked Red Punch Cocktail Photo Credit HobNob Wines

HobNob Wines (Photo Credit: HobNob Wines)

Whether you’re a glamorous ghoul, devilish diva or brooding bat, HobNob Wines has unveiled its newest red blend – Wicked Red – just in time to haunt your Halloween fete or gift your favorite host/hostess with a naughty and nice surprise. Featuring a blend of Grenache, Cabernet […]

Rubbed-Rind Cheeses By Emmi Roth USA

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As the height of the summer party season approaches, Emmi Roth USA, one of the world’s premier dairy companies and maker of specialty and artisan cheeses, has some suggestions for incorporating the hot new trend in cheese into party fare.

Swiss Alp Bellevue (Photo Credit:

Cheese consumers like to explore new things, […]

Mix1 Protein Shakes


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Bars, powders, pre-mixed shakes, cookies, you name it, I’ve tried it looking for ways to pack extra protein into my diet and for post-workout recovery. Most of my experiments ended in half eaten bars being tossed out or nose-pinching to get through an 8oz. shake. So needless to say, I […]

Bai: Healthy Energy Drink


Bai is a new “superfruit” drink on the market, and Bai 5 is their low calorie version coming in at a mere 5 calories per serving. Bai contains high antioxidant fruits from around the globe combined with the coffee berry- not the coffee bean- to give it a kick of caffeine.

Photo Credit: […]

Voli Light Vodkas: The New Way To Drink And Stay Slim

Photo Credit: Ashley Sneed

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After two years of hard work from mixologists to producers to connoisseurs, Voli Vodka introduces the world to it’s first low calorie vodka. Why is Voli so special? Well, speaking from my own experiences, women are and forever will be weight conscious. It’s something that stays on our minds, from […]

Got The Facts On Milk? Documentary

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A new film debuts this week and it aims to shake things up like a dairy-free milkshake.

Filmmaker Shira Lane has produced a film called Got the Facts on Milk?, otherwise known as “The Milk Documentary”, that made its debut on August 24 in L.A.. The film won numerous awards […]

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