Cookbook Review: 100 Best Decorated Cookies


Have you ever looked at those fabulously decorated cookies and thought “I could never make them in a million years!” I know I have, although the artist in me really wanted to. Well after reading Julie Anne Hession’s book “100 best Decorated Cookies” I learned that though they look impossible they are quite […]

Ann Romney To Donate 100% Of Proceeds From New Cookbook To Brigham And Women’s Hospital In Boston

ann romney

Ann Romney, wife to politician Mitt Romney, mother of five grown sons and now a best-selling author. Ann’s new book, The Romney Family Table is a collection of recipes, stories and beautiful family pictures. They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, and Ann does a glorious job of giving a glimpse […]

Review Of Top Chef Brian Malarkey’s Cookbook, Come Early Stay Late

Photo Credit:  Debbie Moore

One of my favorite food shows for years has been Bravo’s “Top Chef” and one of my favorite chefs competing was Brian Malarkey. His upbeat personality, genuine infectious smile and of course his skills of being a chef for more than 20 years caught my eye early on.

Photo Credit: Debbie Moore

Cookbook Review: Maneet Chauhan’s Flavors Of My World

Review Of Maneet Chauhan's Flavors Of My World

With a warm introduction from Ted Allen, Host of Food Network’s ‘Chopped,’ Maneet Chauhan takes the reader on an exciting adventure around the world in her book, Flavors of the World. It’s rare that a chef can take a well-known dish from a country and transform it into something magical. With her extensive […]

Mother’s Day Foodie Gift Guide

Photo Credit: Fabio Viviani

With Mother’s Day around the corner, choosing the perfect gift is essential. Pick one of these and be sure to melt your mom’s heart.

Edward Marc Chocolatier has created a new collection of chocolate flowers that are the perfect treat to help make Mother’s Day memorable for the number one lady in your life. […]

Review Of Mark Bittman’s How To Cook Everything Vegetarian

cook vegetarian

Incorporating more vegetables into your diet is a great way to reduce your calorie intake and increase your vitamin and nutrient consumption. A diet rich in vegetables may not seem as exciting as a diet rich in chicken, pork, beef, steak, etc. But that’s only if your idea of eating vegetables is eating salad […]

Banana Pudding Recipe From Top Chef Ken’s Gillespie’s Cookbook Fire In My Belly

Banana Pudding From Top Chef Kevin Gillspie's Fire in my Belly Cookbook ( Photo Credit: Anderson McMeel Publishing)

Top Chef Kevin Gillespie, author of Fire in my Belly, is currently on a book tour throughout various Central Market and Farmers Market locations in Atlanta this month. His book boasts great recipes that are direct and honest, but with Gillespie’s sharing of fun stories of his life in the culinary world. This is […]

Review of Krista Reese’s Atlanta Classic Desserts Cookbook


(Photo Credit: Pecan Publishing)

Desserts should be decadent, don’t you think? Atlanta Classic Desserts, by Krista Reese, with photography by Deborah Whitlaw LLewellyn, is filled with rich, fabulous recipes, making this cookbook as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the palate.

Mmmm….flip the pages and you can almost taste […]

Review of Freshalicious: Eat Fresh. Eat Local. Eat Healthy by Stacey Fokas


I collect cookbooks. Some books are great resources, some have inspiring pictures, and some are cooking bibles. The cooking bibles are those cookbooks that are full of recipes that I would use on a regular basis, with easy to follow instructions and tempting photos. Freshalicious by Stacey Fokas is definitely a cooking bible.

Freshalicious […]