Crustless Quinoa and Spinach Quiche Recipe

Photo Credit: Ashley Pierson

This recipe is a farmer’s market goldmine of fresh ingredients. Simple, delicious and quite elegant. This crustless quiche highlights quinoa, farm fresh eggs, spinach and onions. If you are new to quinoa this is the dish that will win you over. Also a delicious vegetarian option. Add in pancetta for a flavorful addition. Take […]

Pumpkin Seed and Flaxseed Granola Recipe


(Photo Credit: At Home With Chef Ricardo)

Pumpkin and Flaxseed Granola

Looking for a healthier breakfast to get you started in the morning? I have a recipe for you. I make this in batches for the week; it’s high in omega 3 (which is known to be an essential fatty acid and vital […]

Panko-Encrusted Poached Egg With Mushrooms And Asparagus Recipe

Photo Credit:  Debbie Moore

What are your fondest memories of your mother? Perhaps it’s her teaching you how to bake cookies, wiping away tears when you had a bad day or helping you mature into the woman you are today. No matter what the memories are, it’s evident that Mother’s Day is one of the most celebrated holidays […]

Recipe For Butternut Squash Muffins With Streussel Topping

Butternut squash is rich in Vitamins A and C but also serves as a great source of fiber and potassium. Unlike most nutrient-rich vegetables, it is not just for roasting or for making soups. It is actually one of the best ingredients to bake with because it adds moist, creamy texture and renders your […]

New Year’s Brunch Recipe: Light Crème Brûlée French Toast With Cinnamon Oranges On The Side

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Living a healthier lifestyle, eating better, exercising more frequently, losing x number of pounds . . . Are any of these items part of your New Year’s resolutions? If so, start 2013 right with a healthy New Year’s Brunch option.

This Crème Brûlée French Toast from Skinny Taste is a lighter version of the […]

Candy Cap Bread Pudding Recipe

bread pudding

Photo Credit: Ashley Pierson

The day after a big holiday like Thanksgiving, a breakfast casserole is the way to start the day. Makes sense to combine day old bread and a few other ingredients, capturing a perfect harmony of spice and custard. I modified my original bread pudding recipe to include candy cap […]

Sunchoke Hash Recipe

Sunchoke Hash with a fried egg

This recipe is an inspiration from the farmer’s market. The freshest ingredients, a sunny fall day and my love for breakfast are the makings of this recipe. Sunchokes are what’s in this time of year. The knobby, thin-skinned root vegetable is sweet and quite delicate. Sunchokes have a crisp, white flesh with an almost […]

Back To School Tips From Eight O’Clock Coffee

Photo courtesy of Eight O'Clock Coffee.

The back-to-school rush is upon us again, and that makes for some very hectic mornings. Luckily Eight O’Clock Coffee has been in the business of making mornings better for over 150 years, and they have compiled eight tips for stress-free mornings.

(Photo Credit: Eight O’Clock Coffee)

1. Forget stopping for your morning coffee […]

Mother’s Day Breakfast Recipes From Canyon Ranch And Other Top Destination Spas

Source: The Heartland Spa

Mom’s special day is coming May 13. Let her catch some ZZZs by making a spa-style breakfast in bed. Dads and kids, no need to stress, the seven simple recipes from leading Destination Spas make Mother’s Day a snap.

Photo Source:

“As a mom, I can honestly say that breakfast in bed […]

Pain au Chocolat

Two batons of bittersweet chocolate

If chocolate is your passion learn how to create heavenly Pain au Chocolat with Sydney and Bobbie at Bobbie’s Baking Blog […]

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