Fried Green Tomato Recipe With Remoulade Sauce

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Every September I get a bountiful batch of red and green tomatoes from my mother’s garden in Providence RI and I always make my friend green tomatoes recipe. Now I am sharing it with you.


4 large green tomatoes

1 cup flour

2 eggs

2 tablespoons of milk

2 […]

Strawberries and Ricotta Cheese Appetizer

Strawberries and Ricotta Cheese with goat cheese appetizer, honey drizzle

By the time I make the dessert, and prepare the meal for a party, the appetizer often falls through the cracks of my planning. It’s so easy to include some interesting cheeses, crackers, and olives on my shopping list, why bother?

Here’s why. It introduces the meal, as the prelude for a symphony. It […]

White Bean, Chickpea And Pea Fritters With Cucumber-Cilantro Yogurt Sauce

Photo Credit:  Debbie Moore

Upon a visit to your farmer’s market, you will be surrounded by the beautiful vegetables and herbs that are plentiful. Now is the time to express yourself with your food by showcasing fresh ingredients….peas, cilantro, cucumber, lemons and limes. This simple but healthy appetizer is easy to assemble and the subtle but noticeable spices […]

Asparagus Soup With Parmesan Shortbread Coins

Asparagus Soup With Parmesan Shortbread Coins

Creamy Asparagus Soup With Parmesan Shortbread Coins(Photo Credit: Sandy Axelrod)

Spring is definitely here. I know that because in the spring my Gumbo Limbo tree loses its leaves and grows new ones seemingly right before my eyes. I also know it’s Spring because gorgeous bright green slender asparagus are abundant at the market. […]

Queso Fundido And Rosted Poblano Vinaigrette For Cinco De Mayo

Get Ready To Dig In To Queso Fundido With Roasted Poblano Vinaigrette (Photo Credit: Sandy Axelrod)

Get Ready To Dig In To Queso Fundido With Roasted Poblano Vinaigrette (Photo Credit: Sandy Axelrod)

Cinco de Mayo actually marks the defeat of the French at the battle of Puebla by Mexican forces on May 5, 1863 during the Franco-Mexican War (1861-1867). This is a relatively minor holiday in Mexico, but in […]

Cabbage Cups For St. Patricks Day

cabbage cups filled with sweet potato puree, orange juice, raisins, rice, pepitas

The pudgy cabbage roll is one of those universal foods found in widely disparate cultures, and likely originated with peasants as a way to use up scraps. These bundles of comfort left their tracks across the Balkans, Eastern Europe, Finland and the Middle East, migrating from family tables in Croatia, to Shabbat tables in […]

Asian Turkey Meatballs Recipe

(Photo Credit: KinEats)

Thanksgiving is almost here! And of course, that means tons of food, food comas, food babies, so much food excitement! What are you making for Thanksgiving this year? Among the plethora of traditional Thanksgiving dishes on your list, there is mostly likely turkey, stuffing, sweet potato casserole, and cranberry sauce. Recently, however, I made […]

Spinach and Kale Turnovers Recipe from Cooking Light

(Photo Credit: Cooking Light)

Most of you have probably assumed that kale is healthy by its dark green color and leafy texture. Some specific benefits it can have to your health are cholesterol reduction, and digestive and bodily detoxification support with its high fiber content. And you wouldn’t expect this from looking at the vegetable, but kale contains […]

Stuffed Peppers Recipe

(Photo Credit: Linda Yao)

Bell Peppers (Photo Credit Kana Okada/

Everybody associates fall with different things, for some it may be delicious pumpkin lattes, cozy sweaters, or cinnamon spiced desserts. When I think of fall, I think of robust fragrant peppers. The crunchy sound of my teeth sinking into a crisp bell pepper is reminiscent of the […]

Destination Spa Chefs Share Healthy Snacks For Tailgating in Style

Individual Vegetable Pizzettas from Golden Door

Score a touchdown this fall by avoiding calories while cheering on your favorite team! You may wear an oversized jersey while tailgating, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be in skinny jeans too. These recipes from chefs at top Destination Spas will help you tailgate in style.

(Photo Credit:

To get the […]

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