Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop to Close Boston Indie Film Festival

conan-tour-poster conan obrien cant stop

We all heard the rumors, and we all saw the final episode of Late Night with Conan O’Brien with a tiny tear in our eyes. Let’s face it: Conan O’Brien is a national treasure. You are never unhappy to hear about him, he never ceases to make us laugh even on our worst day, […]

Lilac Sunday at the Arnold Arboretum


I know that I’ve been mentioning spring like crazy in all of my posts, but I cannot get enough of the flowers and the sunshine and the prospect of getting a bit of color to my pale complexion and the fact that I don’t have to brace myself before opening the door to head […]

Janie and Jack Clothing


If you’re anything like me, you have approximately a gazillion friends that are about to have a baby, recently had a baby, are planning another baby, are adopting a baby, etc. Most of these friends have probably registered for what they believe to be their ultimate necessities at a store like Babies R Us […]

Museum of Fine Arts Film Series: The Night Watch

night_watch at the MFA

As if you needed another reason to get to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts this Spring, they are hosting a full gamut of films, exhibitions, talks and more – and I plan on seeing a great number of them (as should you) – here is another: The premiere of the acclaimed film The […]

Pop-Up Jazz Dinner to Benefit Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center

Photo by Lisa Rigby, courtesy Boston Wedding Venues.

The growing pop-up meal trend is moving into the charity circuit, a good indication that these movable feasts are here to “stay” – even if their locations are as fluid as the Charles River. Tickets are still available for this Thursday’s “A Reason to Taste” to benefit the Cambridge Multicultural Art Center (CMAC) so […]

Sotheby’s Barrett Ford Jewelry Show

Photo courtesy Barrett Jewelry

Photo courtesy Barrett Ford Jewelry.

Kelley Ford Owen designs Barrett Ford Jewelry and her fine handmade gold and gemstone pieces are a must for any woman with an eye for classic style. I recently got a chance to ask Kelley a few questions about her collections and her upcoming show at Sotheby’s April […]

Boston Area Easter Egg Hunts

(Photo Credit:

As a mom of a daughter who will be celebrating her first Easter this year, I should, in the interest of full disclosure, mention that I have never been to any egg hunts in the Boston area to-date, and so I don’t know which hunt is “the” hunt at which to see and be […]

One Fine Sunday in the Funny Pages Comic Exhibition Comes to Boston!

garfield and friends jim davis

Garfield and Friends. Image courtesy Jim Davis.

Ah, Sunday morning. A time when you attempt to make brunch. A time where we realize we have one more day in our weekend and decide to either stay in our pajamas and watch Oprah: 25th Season Behind the Scenes marathons all day or actually make […]

Swan Boats in the Boston Public Garden


This past Saturday, the 2011 Swan Boat season officially began and I got that fuzzy pride feeling again about being happy to call Boston “home”. There’s something so small town and genuine about Swan Boat passengers waving to people on the bridge as they are passing by that it always makes me smile, often while I’m simultaneously caught wondering how the young Swan Boat operators have enough muscle to pedal all those people around on one boat countless times per shift? […]

Chef Paul Turano of Tryst Recreates Your Favorite Culinary Experience with “You’re on the Menu!”


Photo courtesy Boston Frugal Feaster blog.

It’s been said, often by my brother, though he’s not necessarily the original source, that all people can be divided into two camps: those that eat to live, and those that live to eat. If you’re in the latter camp, and I certainly hope that you are […]

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