How Much Is Your Disorganized Office Costing You?


In our busy lives, it can sometimes be difficult to stay on top of organizing the items in our homes. It is especially difficult to stay on top of all the mail that we receive. Bills, financial documents, and other important mail are mixed in with stacks of unwanted junk-mail. After a long day […]

Creative Ways To Color-Code Your Home

Use colored nail polish to color-code your keys

Organizing is tons of fun, but organizing with color takes it to a whole new level! Whether you are organizing a closet or home office, there are tons of easy ways to brighten up any room in the home. While the folks at Color-Coded Organizing love to use color, we also love to color-code […]

Organizing the Pantry 101


The pantry is one of the most frequently used spaces within the home. Since each member of the family accesses the pantry on a daily basis, this space should be extremely functional and easy to use. Below are tips to keep your pantry neat, orderly, and organized.

Divide and Conquer – Divide all the […]

Design Topic: Decorative Mirrors

Ballard D'orsay Mirror

Ballard D'orsay Mirror

Recently I decided to add a little glamour to my bedroom. I really like all of the mirrored furniture reproductions that are available. A chest of mirrors, I felt would be too much mirror. I decided to just go with a wall mirror above a side table.

Baker Thomas […]

E-Decorating Services

final logo

Times are tough and everyone is short on time. Creating the perfect environment in your home can be tough on both. Eclectic Interior Design Group has created some packages offering design services for any schedule and/or budget.

Re-Purpose an Object: Did you get […]

A Heavenly Toy Room


Staying organized can be a difficult task when children are involved. The toys, books, stuffed animals, dolls, and trains can be overwhelming and add to the clutter of everyday life. Below are a few tips on how to organize your child’s toys:

Designate A Space – You bought the house and you work […]

Design Topic: Biedermeier


Recently I attended the 55th Annual Washington Antiques Show. Among the various exhibits of fine china, engravings and oriental rugs, I found the Savenkov Gallery’s exhibition booth displaying beautiful Biedermeier furniture.

Upon first glance, one would think, “Art Deco” (1920s) in style, but these clean lines and ebonized accents originated as […]

The Craigslist Bathroom

Craigslist Bathroom FInal Photo

This is the way I like to be “Green”. . . Recently I had my bathroom renovated. First, I did my measuring and research. My design was finalized using Kohler products and a black and cream check tile pattern. I knew I would be paying a small fortune for the […]

A Perfectly Organized Bathroom Closet


It’s the peak of the flu season. As you are sniffling, sneezing, and feeling nauseous, you turn to your bathroom closet for relief. However, when you open the bathroom closet can you immediately find what you are looking for? Most of us can’t and when you’re sick, every moment counts. Fortunately we have […]

Holiday Decorating Inspirations

Partridge 1

The holidays always bring up memories that give inspiration to my decorating schemes. I remember my mother playing Joan Sutherland’s incredible operatic voice singing “The Twelve Days of Christmas”. Using fresh greens like pine and holly, I like to create a center piece using my favorite dramatic bird for my partridge and jeweled […]

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