Easy Ways for Keeping the Fridge Fresh and Organized


Refrigerator Clutter – As tempting as it is to stick every magnet you get on vacation to your fridge, this contributes to kitchen clutter. Instead, limit yourself to about 4-5 magnets total. It’s very important to keep what is stored under each magnet always up to date, therefore, avoid storing expired coupons or sticky […]

The 10 Commandments of Organizing


“Where do I start?” That’s the question you typically ask yourself when you realize you have to tackle your cluttered spaces. This question is soon followed by, “How did it get this way?” To put it bluntly, you let it happen. Clutter stems from a series of avoided choices. As you allowed mail to […]

Caldwell-Flake Interiors Defining Style in Birmingham, AL


Every home has something to say and at Caldwell-Flake Interiors in Birmingham, Alabama, the mother-daughter team of Mary Ruth Caldwell and Lisa Caldwell Flake collects and pulls together the elements that give each home a voice. They unearth a home’s hidden talents and foster its capacity for creative expression by teaching it […]

Window Treatments 101

These woven hard treatments...

Dress Up Your Windows With Style!! Do you ever wonder about the possibilities for your windows beyond store bought drapery or cheap white blinds? Look no further. This article will educate those who have ignored their bland windows because they didn’t know where to start. It will also inspire those who are ready for […]

How to Create a Visual Vignette

This geometric grouping of various framed black and white photos creates the effect of large scale artwork.

Power by numbers. Just as people gain power by banding together for whatever the cause, artwork too often makes a stronger statement when it is associated with other artwork. Rather than distributing wall art around a room, try grouping multiple pieces together with furniture to create vignettes of interest.

This geometric grouping of […]

Design Tip of the Month: Decorate on the Diagonal!

Decorate on the Diagonal

One way to add visual interest to a room and make it appear larger is to place your furniture at an angle. This arrangement works best for rectangular dining room tables, beds in square bedrooms, sofas and desks. Placing furniture at an angle works because the longest straight line in any given room is […]

How To Hang Artwork At The Right Height

Living area after - 5707 Callcott Way

Living area after – 5707 Callcott Way

For those who read my column on AskMissA.com, you may not realize that my company, JA Frank Design, helps clients with projects like interior design, art selection, real estate and property staging. One of my property staging clients is Sita Kapur, owner of Arlington Premier […]

Slipcovers for your Walls, Yes…Your Walls!

Natural Zebrawood wall covering from Casart Coverings.  Can you believe this is removable?

Until recently, if you wanted to achieve a custom design, faux effect or unique art for your walls, you had to hire a muralist, a faux finisher or a custom fabricator to achieve the desired look. Now, however, a whole new genre of wall coverings are available, offering fast, easy, inexpensive and removable (yes, […]

Design Traveler: Wright Plus 2010 House Walk and Tour

Unity Temple, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, 1905-1908, Oak Park, IL.

Unity Temple, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, 1905-1908, Oak Park, IL.

Unity Temple, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, 1905-1908, Oak Park, IL.

Last weekend I traveled to the Chicago suburb of Oak Park, Illinois for the annual “Wright Plus 2010” house walk and tour. This is a one day tour organized by […]

How to Organize Physical Media


Physical media such as photographs, CDs, and DVDs are well on their way to becoming obsolete. From the influx digital photography to the downloading of instant movies and music from the Internet, physical media will soon be a thing of the past. When was the last time you flipped through a pack of old […]

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