The Wonderful World Of Etsy

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Do you Etsy? I’m surprised at how many people still don’t know about the world’s handmade marketplace. It carries every possible category that you can imagine. You can find anything from aprons to zebra prints. My love for it borders on addiction. If you can dream it, imagine it and […]

How To Take A Contractor Grade Home Or Condo To The Next Level

A contractor grade kitchen if I ever saw one. Clean and functional meets bland, boring and in need of some personality! (Photo Credit: Denise Willard)

Before: A contractor grade kitchen if I ever saw one. Clean and functional meets bland, boring and in need of some personality! (Photo Credit: Denise Willard)

Contractor grade isn’t necessarily a bad thing – it is usually a clean slate and items are selected to appeal to a broad spectrum of homeowners. However, […]

Back To School: Dorm Room Decorating Must-Haves

This Dwell Studio bedding ensemble is available at Target

Kids will be going back to college in a matter of weeks and now is the time to start thinking about their home-away-from-home room decor. Whether your child is heading out for their first year and will be living in a dorm or if they are older and living off campus, I wanted to […]

How To Protect Your Hardwood Furniture, Upholstery, Drapery And Flooring


Sample table pad (Photo Credit: Bed Bath & Beyond)

So you just purchased a new and you’re scared it’s going to get scratched, damaged, stained, destroyed, etc. This is a normal feeling when you’ve just seen a large amount of money come out of your bank account. Similarly, you may have been buying […]

Moving Tips For A Smooth Transition

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Moving is typically not something that we look forward to. Between the cleaning, packing, and actual moving, we may start to feel overwhelmed and overlook the joy that comes with relocating. After moving 5 times in the past 5 years, I’ve come to realize that the process can go smoothly […]

Sunbrella Outdoor Fabrics Are Perfect For Summer


JF Fabrics recently released their latest Sunbrella book called "cobistyle," by Cobi Ladner, one of Canada's top design authorities. I love these patterns! Not only do these fabrics have great durability, they fall in a reasonable price range of $100-$130/yd (Photo Credit: JF Fabrics)

We recently received a new Sunbrella fabric book in […]

Home Decorating With Monochromatic Color Schemes


Soothing Monochromatic Bedroom

Monochromatic means sticking with one main color in a space and using different saturation levels of that color throughout. If you use purple, as an example, you could have lavender walls, eggplant chairs, an area rug with a gray-purple base, and so on.

Designing with a monochromatic color scheme seems […]

How To Decorate With Framed Photographs


One thing I’ve noticed since I started my business is that many of my clients are influenced stylistically by places they’ve lived and traveled. In today’s day and age of easy-to-use digital cameras, people capture the world digitally all the time, and using one’s own photography as artwork is close to the heart and […]

Sophie Dahy Designs: Realistic, High Quality Silk Flower Arrangements

Pink Peonies

Jeanne Hyatt and Linda Raulston used to write a monthly article on Tablescapes for a local magazine. When the duo ran out of centerpieces for their tablesettings, they started making their own in Jeanne’s basement. Jeanne found herself spending every spare minute learning the art of silk flower arranging. By the time she became […]

Shopping For Home Accessories 101

home accessories 5

Have you ever re-designed a space with new color, layout and furniture, and thought, what’s missing? Accessories of course! A room is not complete until accessories and artwork are added as they are to interior design as icing is to cake. They are responsible for really adding the final touches that really help your […]

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