O, The Oprah Magazine Wants You To De-Clutter For a Cause

De Clutter for a Cause_Page_1

(Photo Credit: O, The Oprah Magazine)

America, it is time to get rid of it for good! Clutter: we all live with it, and most of us would love to get rid of it, if only we had a little nudge in the right direction. This year, the editors at O, The Oprah […]

Ideas For Organizing Your Kitchen

(Photo Credit: marthastewart.com)

When my desk is cluttered, I get no studying done, no matter how long I sit there. It’s a generally proven trend that people are often most efficient when they have a clean workspace. The same holds true for your kitchen! When my kitchen is a mess, I don’t even feel like starting a […]

The Best Boxes For Your Move

moving boxes

Ok, so we’re a few weeks away from moving to our new home and we’ve been collecting boxes, organizing, and packing non-stop! In this video, I show you the 7 best boxes to use for moving ranging from free to just around $10. I’ll also show you what types of items to store in […]

Makeup Organization & How to Organize Hair Accessories

alejandra organize hair accessories

Here is how I organize my makeup and hair accessories. I sort everything by category and then store on the back of my bathroom door in door pockets made by Simply Stashed. The clear pockets make it easy to see everything and my favorite part is how you can easily grab something and toss […]

How To Organize Mail In Your Home Office

how to organize mail desk

(Photo Credit: ariannabelle.com)

Organizing paper is difficult, especially mail since its never ending! Here’s a detailed video on how I organize my mail from incoming, outgoing, stuff to file, coupons, work related mail, and work projects. The key to managing mail is actually checking your mail daily and sorting it immediately. How do […]

Clos-ette Too: Luxury Closet Organization At An Affordable Price


As I started to put away my Fall/Winter clothes and bring out the Spring/Summer pieces, I was in need of a closet makeover. Mismatched hangers, messy piles, and creased clothing left my prized pieces in a disappointing chaotic mess. Clos-ette Too came to the rescue!

Photo Credit: clos-etteoo.com

Founded by the “absolute guru […]

How To Organize Children’s Toys Without Compromising Home Decor

Wall storage shelves and organizing units

There are times when I feel like I live in a toy store. In most every corner of my home there is a toy bin or basket of books. I like keeping the house full of toys because I never know what my son is going to want to play with. At the same […]

Men’s Closet Organization

mens closet

(Photo Credit: furniturefashion.com)

Here’s a tour of my husband (to-be) Ed’s organized closet! He uses elfa as well. The trickiest part of his closet is how the closet itself is longer than the opening of the door, making it tough to access the items in the back corner. If you have this problem […]

Create A Motivation Wall With Your Favorite Quotes

motivation wall

Alejandra's Motivation Wall

I love reading motivational quotes. Here’s a quick glimpse at my “motivational wall” in my home office. The quote cards are made by Quotable Cards (if you love good quotes and bright colors, they have the coolest stuff!) What motivates you? Leave a comment or create a video response below! […]

Purse Organization: How Best To Organize Your Bag

organized purse

(Photo Credit: purseorganizerstore.com)

I love a good “functional” purse that is comfortable to wear and easy to carry. Here’s how I organize all of the contents of my bag! The purse is from The Container Store and is made by Milano. The cosmetic bags are made by Baggallini. I absolutely LOVE Milano (water-resistant, […]

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