Incorporate Green Decor And Design Into Your Home for Earth Day


Earth Day this year falls on Sunday, April 22, though many schools, businesses and communities will be celebrating Earth Day all week long and into the weekend of April 22. As an interior designer I am always thinking about ways I can incorporate green-design into the homes I decorate, especially at this time of […] Is The Perfect Place To Find Eco-Friendly Decorating Bargains


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Redecorating your home doesn’t always mean breaking the bank. I recently stumbled across an eco-friendly website where you can find some great bargains and even FREE decor! is a search engine that searches the web for free and ‘for swap/trade’ items people no longer need or want from over […]

Eco-Friendly Alternative Christmas Trees

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The holidays are so beautiful and exciting. The parades, the markets, the lights! Unfortunately, the elements often deter us from venturing out. What’s more is, for renters and apartment dwellers, trees are often prohibited, limiting our decorating options within our homes. Finding other ways to bring Christmas traditions into our homes can be an […]

UnCommon Goods: Unique Gifts, Creative Design, and Sustainability

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UncommonGoods is an online shop that offers “unique gifts and creative design” with a focus on sustainability. They provide whimsical handmade, recycled and environmentally friendly products for the home and garden, dining and entertaining, office, leisure, and jewelry and accessories, the majority of which are made in the […]

Imprint Comfort Mats: Save Your Back By Making Your Home Greener

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Imprint Comfort Mats look great in this kitchen

The new Imprint Comfort Mats are all the rage for the stylish home. Not only do they look great in kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas where there’s a lot of standing, the mats are eco and offer amazing health benefits.

I have four of the […]

7 Critical Eco-Baby Safe Tips for new or expecting mothers


Mothers exercise great care when it comes to creating safe environments for their families. Every new mommy wants the best for her precious newborn, this goes without saying. Many new mothers however are shocked when I tell them about the potential dangers of disposable diapers, or how some baby mattresses release a noxious gas […]

Eco-Friendly Interior Design: Counter Tops


Natural stone makes for beautiful, sometimes exotic artwork as your kitchen or bathroom countertop, but there may be something lurking that you are not aware of. It’s called Radon Gas, the name alone strikes instant fear in hearts and with good reason. Radon Gas is a radioactive gaseous element formed by the disintegration of […]

Fun Ways To Go Green At Home


In one year, Americans generate about 251 million tons of garbage. This translates to 4.6 pounds of waste per person, per day. And 65% of this trash comes from residential homes, just like yours. Most of us want to reduce our footprint somehow. Although there are numerous costly eco-options, such as buying a brand-new […]