Miley Cyrus’ New Happy Hippie Foundation to Support Homeless and LGBTQ Youth

happy hippie miley cyrus

Happy Hippie Foundation Logo

Legalize Gay, these are the words that appeared on the T-shirt a Miley Cyrus fan wore to school in Lansing, Michigan when she was reportedly bullied by an adult over the message. This incident was a catalyst moment for Cyrus, an opportunity to rise to the occasion and begin […]

Summer Music Festivals That Give Back

Photo Credit: Joseph Mohan for Pitchfork


I haven’t been made … aware of many philanthropic festivals, but I would definitely include that factor in when purchasing tickets, although the artists playing at the festivals account for a bit more, as bad of a person as it makes me seem. – Val, Recent College Graduate

Music may not […]

Morgan Freeman Teams Up With Aid Still Required For An Amazing Auction

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“Just because it left the headlines, doesn’t mean it left the planet.”

Morgan Freeman (Photo Credit:

In support of the efforts of Aid Still Required, Morgan Freeman has agreed to the auction of an “experience” with him, which can be won through auction style bidding, hosted by Omaze. The experience will include […]

Review Of Dallas Buyers Club

dallas buyers club

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It’s a wonder why Dallas Buyers Club took more than two decades to get off the ground. Released in 2013 with Matthew McConaughey’s and Jared Leto’s best performances as actors yet, now the movie soars. Movie columnist and critic Steven Rea says,

“Dallas Buyers Club is a movie about an […]

Review Of Gravity


The Academy Award nominated film, Gravity, starring Sandra Bullock, who after being “embarrassed” at the federal government’s response to Hurricane Katrina in 2009, began to visit and support various schools in New Orleans, sets forth on a mission to take you out of your element. The tone is set non-verbally as text slowly flashes […]

Join INSP For One Of Actor Ralph Waite’s Final Interviews


Ralph Waite as John Walton Sr. (Photo Credit:

As you may or may not know by now, actor Ralph Waite, most famous for his role as John Walton, Sr. in the CBS series the Waltons, died this past Thursday, February 13, 2014. He was 85 years old.

“There are very […]

5 Grammy Moments You’re Still Talking About

Pharrellin his now infamous hat, and Paul McCartney (Photo

Now that the 2014 Grammy Awards are a thing of the past, but still fresh on our collective minds, with stories developing each day on who did what, what they wore, and what their reactions were to our reactions to their celebrity antics, it’s time to take a look back and re-cap, and as […]

On Martin Luther King Day 2014 Movie Project About The Civil Rights Leader Is Up In The Air

oliver stone mlk jr movie

MLK giving speech (Photo credit:

While we here at Miss A hope that you will spend this and all future Martin Luther King days remembering the man and his work by giving back and making yourself of service to others as he did, this time next year you may be viewing a […]

Sherri Shepherd Nominated For NAACP Image Award For NYT Bestselling Book


You may know Sherri Shepard through her current position as host of The View, or from reoccurring television roles on sit-coms such as How I Met Your Mother and The Jamie Foxx Show, back in the 90’s. You may even be looking forward to seeing her in her upcoming role in the Chris […]

Rev Run’s Renovation

Rev Run and Justine at home. (Photo credit:

Rev Run and Justine at home. (Photo credit:

Remember the fun that was watching Run’s House? It’s back on DIY! Joseph Simmons, known as Rev Run of Run DMC is back on our TV screens with Rev Run’s Renovation, premiering Saturday, January 4th, at 10 p.m. ET. The series will consist of […]

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