New Digital Dental X-Ray Technology Reduces Radiation Exposure To Level Of A Banana


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Here’s a good question to ask when conversation gets dull on Saturday night: “What do a banana and a single-tooth dental X-ray have in common?” Answer: “They have about the same amount of radiation.”

Yes, that’s right. Just as our daily TV news keeps a steady stream […]

How The Best Dentists Evaluate And Measure Oral Health

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Give yourself the best gift this year — a healthy mouth! Go for regular hygiene cleanings with the most advanced preventive techniques. And while you’re at it, make sure you’re a “big fat zero!”

“We rate oral health from zero to four, with zero being most healthy,” says Dr. Daniel […]

Smile Makeover: 8 Design Elements An Expert Cosmetic Dentist Will Consider


Now that people are taking better care of their health and their appearance, a great smile has become a true beacon of beauty and vitality. In fact, we just can’t look great, without a great smile to match.

I see it every day in my practice at Washington Center for Dentistry in downtown Washington, […]

5 Things To Look For In The Modern Dental Office

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It’s hard to believe, but dentistry has changed more in the last ten years than it has in the last 30 years. Advances in science and technology now help keep teeth “truly ageless!” Patients of leading dentists can expect to preserve the youth—and beauty—of their pearly whites!

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That’s why it’s […]

The Mouth – Body Connection

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Did you know that the state of our oral health offers critical clues about our overall health? In fact, the first sign of disease often shows up in the mouth.

(Photo Credit: American Academy for Oral Systemic Health)

That’s why the most proactive dental offices today place great importance on the most routine […]

National Yoga Month

Yoga enthusiasts in Times Square (Photo Credit: focusonthelittlethings)

Yoga enthusiasts in Times Square (Photo Credit: focusonthelittlethings)

September for most of us represents the month of change: the leaves are changing, the weather’s changing and of course fall wardrobes are a giant departure from the easy fashion of summer. But September is also the perfect month to introduce oneself to the art […]

Interview With Sonia Kashuk, Breast Cancer Survivor


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Breast cancer awareness is on the forefront in October and I encourage the education and discussions to continue year round. It is estimated that 230,480 women will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer this year alone, according to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Makeup artist and Target partner Sonia […]

The Dish On Detox: Destination Spas Bust Myths & Offer Tips

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Beyoncé has done it. So have Gwyneth Paltrow and Megan Fox. We’re not talking about starring in movies or being on the cover of magazines. Instead, detoxes and cleanses take center stage. When it comes to safe places for conducting or learning about cleanses, Destination Spas lead the way. Representing […]

Heat Safety Tips For Feeling And Looking Your Best This Summer

Most of us love nothing more than basking in the hot sun and admiring our golden glow. Often times, though, we do not realize the damage we are doing to our skin, which is certainly not worth the fading tan.

Nextcare, one of the nation’s largest providers of urgent care and occupational […]

Wanderlust Yoga in the City Sponsored by smartwater

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Have you dreamed of doing a Downward Dog while staring at the Space Needle? Or, how about striking a Cobra Pose on a pier in the Hudson River? Yoga is made even better when practiced in amazing settings, which is exactly what the folks at Wanderlust and smartwater are serving up.

Yoga in […]