Meeting New Men

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Height of Attraction


Dear Miss A, I’m 5’4″, relatively comfortable with who I am, and while I have an easy enough time meeting and going on first dates with women, closing the deal is another matter entirely. Recently, I heard through the grapevine that a girl I took out went out with me because I […]

Have Date, Won’t Travel


Dear Miss A, One of my closest friends from high school is getting married in a month and a half. Everyone will be there, and plane tickets are super-cheap, so I want my boyfriend to come, too. I never had a boyfriend in high school or even a prom date, for that matter. […]

Tacori’s New Gentleman’s Guide To Engagement


Dear Miss A,

My girlfriend and I want to get married, and I plan to propose before the holidays. I asked her to go take a look around and let me know what kind of ring she likes best, but she insists that I surprise her and pick out an engagement ring […]

Breaking Your Cardinal Dating Rules

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Andrea Rodgers is a Dating & Relationship Expert for HealthCentral’s Sexual Health Connection. Email questions to

Always The Bride, Never the Bridesmaid!

Photo courtesy of Joseph Allen images.

(Photo courtesy of Joseph Allen Images)

Dear Miss A,

I got engaged a month ago, and am having trouble dealing with my girlfriends who are clearly jealous and bitter. They don’t seem happy for me. I want to share all my excitement with them, and get their opinions on my wedding […]

Magnifying Your Foibles


Miss A, I’m dating a really great guy but I’m freaked out. I can’t believe that I am feeling so self-conscious–it’s as though I think I’m in a bad teen romance flick, and that there’s an audience somewhere covering their faces and groaning in embarrassment on my behalf. I […]

Self-Awareness Taken Too Far


Dear Miss A, Lately, I’ve been running into a lot of people who want to tell me exactly who they are. Self-discovery is great and all, whenever I hear a sentence begin with, “I’m the kind of person who _________,” I always know that what I’m about to hear is either:


Love Food? Hungry for Love?


Dear Miss A,

If my boyfriend is a really healthy eater and I love food that he considers “junk food”, can our relationship work?

Great question! Food is often central to our social and family gatherings, and typically our first dates involve going out to eat. I think it’s […]

Not A Gold Digger – Smarter!


Dear Miss A,

My boyfriend and I are discussing marriage, but I’m sensing that he doesn’t have as much money as he pretend to have. A couple of situations have come up that just don’t mesh with what he’s been telling me. How can I find out more about […]

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