Losing Yourself And Him

lonely girl

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Dear Miss A,

I just moved in September from San Diego to Portland to be with my boyfriend of a year and a half. He goes to school in Pullman, WA (which is 6 hours away from Portland). We see each other every other weekend. Whenever we are with each […]

The Perils of Falling In Love With A Woman Going Through Divorce And End of Affair

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Miss A,

I am writing to you so that I can get some advice. I thought maybe if I got a savvy woman’s perspective, it would be beneficial. I developed a very close and strictly platonic relationship with a Mom from one of my children’s athletic teams. We had lunches, coffee, and even hung […]

Breaking Up With College Boyfriend

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Dear Miss A,

I’m in need for desperate advice. I don’t know how to deal with the situation I’m in. I met a guy in my junior year of college. We ended up moving in with two of his fraternity brothers our senior year of college. During the summer and winter breaks we dealt […]

Miss A’s Beauty Advice: Thermage

With Aesthetician, Pattie Lynn Pumphrey at The Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery and SKIN IS IN by Dr. Tina Alster's flagship location on K Street.

As my readers know, and as I told Vogue.tv, I am a bit obsessed with my skin. We can pretend that it isn’t the case, but along with wealth and power, youth and beauty have a long history as currencies in our society. As the OWN documentary, “Miss Representation” points out, even if a […]

Moving Closer to My Boyfriend Is Causing Issues


Hi Miss A,

I am a 19 year old Sophomore in college, and I made the decision to transfer schools to be with my BF of 2 years. Ever since I met him, this has been what we both wanted– to be closer. It was so hard financially doing the long distance thing, and […]

What To Do About Melasma Or Hyperpigmentation

(Photo credit: Examiner.com)

(Photo credit: Examiner.com)

Dear Miss A,

I have a friend who has melasma on her face. She’s getting very self-conscious about it, and it has been getting worse over the last 2 months following some sun exposure in March, and new spots have been appearing on her face. She’s […]

Rehearsal Dinner at the Chevy Chase Club


Hi Miss A, My girlfriend and I have been going back and forth on a fashion etiquette question and need someone to decide for us. We’re invited to a rehearsal dinner at the Chevy Chase Club in a few weeks. The weather is not especially warm these days but we hope it will be […]

The Perfect Mother-of-the-Bride or -Groom Dress


Dear Miss A,

My wedding is coming up in about 6 months, and my mother and soon to be mother-in-law have yet to buy a dresses. They are coming to DC in a few weeks so we can shop together. We have gone back and forth on colors, and to be very honest, I’m […]

Ticking Clock In a Long Distance Relationship


Dear Miss A,

I am in a long-distance relationship (me: DC, he: Detroit) with a guy I met at my friend’s wedding 4 months ago. We have a great time when we’re together, but we only see each other about once a month. Talking on the phone gets tiring especially because I travel a […]

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