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Serena Norr Serena Norr is an NYC-based writer/editor, soup-maker, and more importantly, a mama to an energetic toddler. She chronicles her adventures with soup making in her weekly soup blog - Seriously Soupy.

Treasure Your Island III at Fort Wadsworth Park in Staten Island

Image of Fort Wadsworth Park - Image Credit: http://www.nps.gov/gate/parknews/tyi-2011.htm

Image of Fort Wadsworth Park, courtesy National Park Service.

This Sunday, residents of Staten Island have an exciting and interactive family day to look forward to. This free community event entitled “Treasure Your Island III” will take place in Fort Wadsworth Park where families can learn about cultural attractions, non-profit organizations, and fun […]

Kidz ‘N Action: A Fun and Interactive Playspace in Brooklyn

The fun gym at Kidz 'N Action - Image Credit: Serena Norr

Even though it is technically spring it is still pretty cold over here in NYC. I’m happy that the flowers are budding and trees are starting to bloom but the slight nip in the air still makes it difficult to enjoy the great outdoors. To take refuge I have been exploring indoor playspaces and […]

Exquisite Little Ballets: Three Shows and an Interactive Meet-and-Greet

Performance at the New York Theatre Ballet - (Image Credit: http://www.nytb.org/the-alice-in-wonderland-follies/)

Ballet is more than just dancers on a stage. It takes a sound crew, directors, clothing designers, choreographers, and many more to put a show together. Rarely do we think of these aspects when viewing a performance.

The New York Theatre Ballet is attempting to close that gap with a new production of three […]

NY City Explorers: The Ultimate Playspace in NYC

The playspae at NY City Explorers - (Image Credit: http://www.nycityexplorers.com)

The playspace at NY City Explorers – (Image Credit: http://www.nycityexplorers.com)

Looking for a playspace, daycare, camp or babysitter services? Well, really who isn’t when you have kids in New York City and I am very happy to report that I discovered such a place with NY City Explorers.

With two locations in Brooklyn, […]

Brooklyn Baby Expo


You have probably heard this before but it bears some repeating: your life will change when you have a baby. Although these changes are amazing, they can be also daunting for new parents as they get thrust into a new life of diapers and swaddling and endless onesies and parent groups – all while […]

EJ’s Luncheonette

Exterior Shot of EJ's. (Image Credit: http://www.behappynyc.com/)

Exterior Shot of EJ's. (Photo credit: http://www.behappynyc.com/)

There is something special about having brunch in NYC with your family. The kids get excited for their favorite meal and parents love that they don’t have to cook and can (somewhat) leisurely enjoy good food and coffee with their loved ones. One place that combines […]

Children’s Museum of Manhattan: A Fun and Interactive Experience

(Image Credit: lmtilluminationfund.org)

(Image Credit: lmtilluminationfund.org)

Kids love to explore and living in NYC there are many incredible outlets to do so. From parks to playspaces to museums, NYC is not only a fabulous place for adults; but a city where kids can truly discover, explore and enjoy the simple act of having fun while in […]

Zoos in NYC

Sea Lions at The Bronx Zoo. (Image Credit:

Sea Lions at The Bronx Zoo. (Image Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/7563962@N06/)

One of the many things I love about being a mom while living in NYC is exploring all the cool and interesting attractions, museums, and events through my daughter’s eyes. With the never-ending list of things to do, one of my […]

Sydney Evan Jewelry


Models Rocking Jewerly from Sydney Evan. (Image Credit: Sports Illustrated)

There is something remarkable about a great piece of jewelry – even the dullest outfit can suddenly have a new life with a radiant necklace or a sparkling pair of earrings. One jeweler that can make an outfit pop and […]

Spring 2011 Fashion: Best Looks for Moms

Jacket by Oscar de La Renta. Image Credit: Getty

NYC is going ga-ga for the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and I have been admiring the hottest looks and awesome designs for Spring 2011. Ranging from classic pieces by designers like Calvin Klein and Oscar de la Renta to the contemporary styles of Proenza Schouler and Marc Jacobs, the 2011 collection features something for every […]

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