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Born and raised in Texas, Shanna Gibbs was never anything but a New Yorker at heart. She recently moved to New York all alone and jobless at age 23. She spent most of her childhood in an imaginary land where writing, pretty things and dreams were all that mattered. Living in New York has helped make some of her imaginary world into a reality. She graduated in 2008 with a psychology degree, but quickly discovered it wasn’t her real passion. She's been dedicated to writing and the pursuit of creativity since early childhood, and her intent is to explore art, creative writing and journalism in graduate school soon. Writing is the only thing that keeps her sane, and art is the only thing that makes and keeps her happy. If you have a New York City charity or cultural event, restaurant, boutique, spa, or salon you would like covered on Miss A, please contact Shanna at schonemabel@yahoo.com.

Recap: Pig Island On Governor’s Island Supporting Food Systems Network NYC


Though there are in-arguably many perks to the American holiday Labor Day, it may well be that one of the best perks for New York City is also one of the newest.

Pig Island, a relatively new event hosted on Governor’s Island, was scheduled for September 1 this year, the same weekend as Labor […]

Interview With Musician Cheryl Engelhardt


New York City has never been a place well known for its mild tempo and easy market. Many journey to the city in search of dreams and opportunities and find themselves outbound sooner rather than later. Multi-tasking musician Cheryl Engelhardt has mastered the art of balance and utilization of business ideals to drive her […]

Recap: National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s Ultimate Summertime Party At Greenwich Village Country Club

Photo credit to Shanna Gibbs

The term “charity event” is often associated with the idea of elegantly dressed women and men in tuxedos mingling about in a fancy room with stemmed glasses and large donations for a good cause. At the 28th Annual Ultimate Summertime Party, charity was beautifully wrapped in a package appealing and available to all New […]

Recap: Catalpa Music Festival On New York’s Randall’s Island To Support Oxfam America

snoop dogg at catalpa

If someone told me in 2012 that I’d be on an off-road track in a new Jeep with the intoxicating smell of new car just a few hundred feet from the East River, it probably would have elicited a confident look of sarcasm. Yet last weekend at Catalpa NYC on Randall’s Island, I found […]

Recap: Celebrate Brooklyn Revitalizes Prospect Park

celebrate brooklyn

In addition to the seasonal temperature increase, Brooklynites and New Yorkers can find the annual outdoor festival, Celebrate Brooklyn, heating up Prospect Park throughout the next few months. The hottest part about Celebrate Brooklyn? It’s free.

(Photo Credit: dguides.com)

As early as 6:30 p.m. on June 23, hip-hop and Wu-Tang Clan fans from […]

The Original Benito One In New York’s Little Italy

benito one sign

Since moving to New York from small-town Texas, I have definitely had my fair share of Italian food, both delicious and not so great. I’ve journeyed my way from the Upper East Side to Prospect Park in Brooklyn sampling family sized Italian dinners as well as hole-in-the-wall meals that seemed to be straight from […]

The Real Rosie The Riveter Oral Archives At NYU’s Tamiment Library

Photo Credit: nps.gov

For many, history doesn’t have a reputation as the most riveting subject. Creative forces behind the production of The Real Rosie the Riveter oral archives hosted by NYU’s Tamiment Library and available online have made strides in changing that opinion.

“The Real Rosie the Riveter Project” was dreamed to life by executive producer Elizabeth […]

LES Film Festival In New York’s Lower East Side

Susan Sarandon with LES Team (LES Festival)

March: In like a lion, out like a lamb. Unless you’re near New York’s Lower East Side. In that case, the most interesting thing about the beginning of March very well may be the LES Film Festival.

Hosted just before spring every year, the LES Film Festival is a collection of films made […]

Loïc Prigent’s The Day Before: Fendi by Karl Lagerfeld

karl lagerfield the day before

Imagine the excitement ticket-holders for a Fendi show feel the day before they take their seats to watch elegant models parade the most luxurious art the fashion world has to offer. Multiply that by a very large number, add a palpable degree of tension and perhaps even a dash of fear, and we’ve established […]

Movies To Beat The Valentine’s Day Blues


There’s nothing like the lover’s favorite holiday to remind a single girl of her current situation. Valentine’s Day can wreak havoc on a woman with no particular guy to turn to. Thankfully, in a city this big, remedies abound. For three years running, this journalist spends February 14 with the most amazing woman in […]

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