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Melanie Lown has an extensive background in writing and journalism with a focus in lifestyle pieces. As a former Boston Globe Correspondent, she wrote for the City Weekly section. From “ear candling” to the perils of apartment hunting, to the changing clientele of local businesses, her writing has covered the gamut of human interest stories. When she's not testing the latest quirky fads, Melanie will always be able to tell you the best spots for great eats, and buying cute hats.

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Fans in front of the legendary "Cheers" restaurant (Photo Credit: www.screentours.com)

Fans in front of the legendary "Cheers" restaurant (Photo Credit: www.screentours.com)

It’s well known that Boston isn’t exactly the most fashion-forward city, or a shining beacon of hospitality. Recently though, Boston has fared particularly poorly in the court of public opinion. Take for example the GQ survey that named Boston the #1 worst […]

Boston Designer Resale Boutique Boomerangs: Special Edition Donates All Proceeds to AIDS Action Committee

Boomerangs: Special Edition

The recent bout of hot spells (and not the kind brought on by Mark Wahlberg sightings all over Beantown last month), prompted some serious contemplation about my summer wardrobe. Like my friends, I lamented my meager warm weather options and outdated separates. I thought, can I afford new clothes, and if not how will […]

Boston Athenaeum For Today’s Brahmin

(Photo Credit: BookTruck.org)

As a native, my knowledge of Boston history is shaky, and my inability to get around downtown is slightly embarrassing. (Is there a

(Photo Credit: BookTruck.org)

statute of limitations on blaming the Big Dig?) In response to my umpteenth question about finding some well-known city landmark, a good friend blurted out, “You might […]

Skoah: Facials and Skin Care


‘Tis the season for women’s magazines and ads galore to demand our best “bikini shape” through painful butt-kicking training regimens and fad diets. Most claim that pounds will fly off in record time before summer, from P90X (which many friends swear by), to Nutrisystem, to the Ice Cube Diet. The latter doesn’t entail frantically […]

Boston’s North End Flaunts Hippest Boutiques


Calling all fashionistas to – Little Italy? Yes, Boston’s oldest neighborhood flaunts some of the hippest boutiques in the city. Bostonians and tourists alike equate the North End with delectable Italian meals, gut-busting cannoli, authentic pizza, and coffee so potent you’ll feel a sudden urge to dance (if you weren’t so full). Combined with […]

Independent Designer’s Market: Harvard Square

(Photo Credit: WEBN TV)

“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens, brown paper packages tied up with strings, these are a few of my favorite things!” When Rodgers and Hammerstein penned the famous lyrics for The Sound of Music, I doubt they imagined that these “things” would all be available online […]

Gypsy Rose: Fun Girls’ Night Out Pole Dancing!

(Photo credit: BostonMagazine.com)

Boston may be renowned for its academia and sports fanaticism, but exotic dancing? Not so much. The city’s Puritan roots bubble up everywhere, from vestiges of old Blue Laws to a universally early nightlife. Wendy Reardon wasn’t trying to change the culture when she opened Gypsy Rose Exotic and Pole Dancing in the heart […]

New Boston Planetarium

$2 Million Zeiss Projector (Photo credit: EliteChoice.org)

Plato said, “We are like people looking for something they have in their hands all the time; we’re looking in all directions except at the thing we want, which is probably why we haven’t found it.” The Planetarium at the Museum of Science demonstrates that we now have the technology to “look at the […]

Anti-Valentine’s Day Activities in Boston

Black Heart

Valentine’s Day is usually feared, ignored or deliberately snubbed by singles and couples alike.

If you don’t have a personal vendetta against Valentine’s Day, but crave some entertaining alternatives – attend your pick of two live storytelling events. Forget about your own relationship woes and get lost in the often cringe-worthy and hilarious personal […]

Appleton Bakery Cafe

appleton bakery cafe

Who doesn’t love new hats, getting caught up in forgettable fads (see snuggie v. slanket) or sampling the latest foodie hotspots? On the food front, a menu boasting “fusion cuisine” doesn’t always equate to quality cuisine. Or affordable cuisine. This year, in 2011, I am officially declaring that old is new. Yes, you heard […]