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Melissa Kenyon is a Denver-based storyteller with roots in Atlanta. What she loves most about writing is getting the chance to tell stories that shed light on the inspirational people in this world. Some of the causes she holds close to her heart include animal welfare, the arts, environmental responsibility and education.

Melissa holds her master’s degree in communication management and public relations from the University of Colorado. Her professional background includes marketing for nonprofits, tourism bureaus and chambers of commerce. She also writes for various wedding, travel and lifestyle publications.

When she’s not working, Melissa loves traveling around the world and playing with her two dogs, Dolly and Cowboy. She also serves as a board member for the Denver Woman’s Press Club and the Denver Metro CU Alumni Chapter.

Denver Zookeeper Spreads Awareness For One-Horned Rhino On Earth Day

Dave Johnson and a one-horned rhino (photo credit: Dave Johnson)

Making a difference this Earth Day was Dave Johnson, a Denver pachyderm zookeeper of 17 years, nonprofit leader, conservationist and children’s book author. Dave has made it his personal pursuit to teach people the importance of conservation and spread awareness for the magnificent one-horned rhino of Nepal, a species that is in danger of […]

The Australian Bee Gees Show Comes To The Buell Theatre In Denver

bee gees show buell theatre denver

The Australian Bee Gees Show (Photo Credit: The Australian Bee Gees Show)

The Australian Bee Gees Show is coming to The Buell Theatre one night only, March 5, 2015. This multimedia theatrical concert experience will take the audience back in time with more than four decades of music written by the Gibb brothers.


Grimaldi’s Pizzeria In Denver Hosts Cookie-Inspired Fundraiser For Girl Scouts Of Colorado

grimaldi pizzeria denver girl scout samoas

Chocolate Mint Cheesecake with Thin Mints® (photo credit: Grimaldi’s Coal Brick-Oven Pizzeria)

Every year, I light up when Girl Scout cookie sales begin. Who doesn’t dream of those savory Thin Mints®, Samoas® and Trefoils®? When I buy a box, I find that I instantly surrender to my sweet tooth, convincing myself it’s perfectly […]

Denver Woman’s Press Club Hosts Unknown Writers Contest

The Denver Woman's Press Club in Denver, CO, Photo Credit: DWPC

The Denver Woman’s Press Club in Denver, CO; Photo Credit: DWPC

In today’s society, we access social media to tweet, text, post and comment. And at work, we write endless emails, press releases, reports and presentations. Writing plays a crucial role in our daily lives, but very few people use the art form […]

Art For Water Exhibition In Denver Benefits Water For People

water for people image

Photo Credit: Mike Wright Gallery

We often take for granted the essentials that allow us to live a healthy life. There are many in this world that only have access to polluted water sources, exposing women, men and children to waterborne diseases. Water for People, a Denver nonprofit, is working tirelessly to ensure […]

A Christmas Carol Comes To The Stage Theatre In Denver

a christmas carol denver

Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” is a beloved classic that warms the hearts of theatregoers year and year. For many, like me, seeing “A Christmas Carol” is a treasured family tradition. As someone who has seen the play at least 20 times, I must say the Theatre Company cast at the Denver Center for […]

White Christmas Ball In Denver To Benefit Wounded Warrior Project And Spirit Of Flight Center


(photo credit: Alecia Earle)

The holiday season is upon us and what better way to celebrate than by attending the 5th annual White Christmas Ball on Saturday, December 6th. You will feel like you have stepped onto the set of the beloved motion picture, “White Christmas,” with re-enactments from the film, 1940’s and […]

Recap: Buckley Air Force Base 2014 Youth Of The Year Awards


Kids preparing the meal for the awards dinner; Photo Credit: Buckley AFB Youth Center

On Friday, November 14, 2014, at the Buckley AFB Youth Center, the Buckley Air Force Base (AFB) 2014 Youth of the Year Awards honored 12 students for their commendable community service over the past year. A major supporter of […]

Denver Woman’s Press Club’s 8th Annual Vintage Jewelry Sale

Find great gifts for the holidays at the DWPC Vintage Jewelry Sale (photo credit: DWPC)

Add a touch of sparkle to your wardrobe (photo credit: DWPC)

As there seems to be fewer and fewer trusted sources for news, we find ourselves searching for determined writers who believe written words are still important. The Denver Woman’s Press Club (DWPC) is a nonprofit organization that chooses to “feed the read” […]

Buddy’s Builders In Denver Needs Help Sheltering Dogs This Winter

One of the first Buddy's Builders dog houses (photo credit: Buddy's Builders)

This is one of the first Buddy’s Builders dog houses. (photo credit: Buddy’s Builders)

Every winter helpless dogs freeze to death from being left outside without proper shelter. This heartbreaking reality is unacceptable to a group of Denver area dog lovers known as Buddy’s Builders. These bighearted volunteers assembled in the beginning of […]

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