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Leda Eizenberg is finding her way back to the page (er, screen) after a hiatus to take care of her son, a preemie who spent 114 days in the NICU, and who is now the giggliest eight-month-old in a five-month-old’s body you’ll ever meet. She and her husband are recent transplants from Brooklyn, New York to the Boston ‘burbs, where she grew up. She misses the food in Brooklyn, but her mom’s home cooking is tasty, and no restaurant would be so glad to see her baby. A former high school English teacher and a current MFA candidate in creative nonfiction writing at The New School, she is working on Before She Was Oma, a book about her quest to uncover her grandmother’s life as a Nazi resister.

Great Books For Babies

Photo courtesy of Hollybobbs Crafts, Treasures and Love

Photo courtesy of Hollybobbs Crafts, Treasures and Love

We all want our children to enjoy reading, but figuring out how to make reading a part of your child’s life can be a challenge. The most important thing you can do is start reading with your child early. Make reading a part of your […]

Hospital Survival Guide For Parents

(Photo Credit: Royal Bolton Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, UK)

(Photo Credit: Royal Bolton Hospital NHS Foundation Trust)

Having a child require a visit to a medical specialist or a stay in the hospital can be frightening and emotionally overwhelming. But the good thing is, you know your child is in the best place to get the care he needs. My own […]

Mommy Mentors: Finding A Guide As A New Mom

(Photo Credit: www.womensresource.com)

(Photo Credit: www.womensresource.com)

All moms, especially new ones, need someone in whom they can confide, someone to answer their ridiculous questions, someone who understands what they’re going through. So how do you select your mom mentor?

First of all, pick someone you’re already close to. You want to be comfortable sharing all of […]

Teacher Trouble: What To Do If You’re Unhappy With Your Child’s Teacher Assignment

Courtesy of Darwin's Finance

Courtesy of Darwin's Finance

Everyone knows the date that teachers for the upcoming year are revealed; phone calls are made to the school, emails are opened, and envelopes are shredded in anticipation. But what can you do if you learn that your child doesn’t have the teacher everyone is hoping to get: the […]

Bed Rest Buddy: Supporting a Friend through a Difficult Pregnancy

pregnant woman

For some reason, people love telling pregnant women horror stories: my sister was on bed rest for twenty-two weeks; my cousin had a placental abruption, my friend’s wife almost died of preeclampsia. But few people know what to say to a pregnant woman when a problem emerges. So what do you say to a […]

Make Reading Fun this Summer

Children's Books

Five Ways to Make Reading Fun this Summer:

1) Model reading for your children.

Your children will enjoy reading if they see you enjoying reading. And unfortunately, reading the screen doesn’t count. Let them see you relaxing by the pool with a book, and they’ll want to do the same.

2) Download audio books […]

Double Date Night

It Takes Two

It’s easy to spot new parents on a date—they’re bleary eyed, cell phone obsessed and as starved for food as they are for conversation. But the importance of such nights is touted by just about everyone. “There is one thing you absolutely must do,” said a warm-eyed nurse to my husband and me as […]