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As a recent Japanese-Polish American Evergreen graduate Kaye Michalak was focusing on social anthropology with a passion for social justice. Her drive for social justice has always been present while living and traveling abroad as a daughter of a former foreign service officer. She is constantly aware of socially conscious activities, whether it be an event hosted by an organization, or a musical artist with a progressive message for the masses. Kaye is a current intern at Break the Silence, a non-profit organization promoting recognition for those unseen through murals internationally. She strongly believes that the arts is a powerful social justice tool to spread awareness. When she is not working as a nanny, Kaye is a dancer and a foodie at heart. She loves exploring new flavors, and going to concerts, and will try almost anything for the first time. With an appetite for adventure Kaye is always looking for ways to travel and explore new places, whether that be overseas or right here in Seattle.

Theo Chocolate Factory In Seattle

(Photo Credit: Theo Chocolate)

(Photo Credit: Theo Chocolate)

Founded in Joe Whinney in 2006, Theo Chocolate Factory in Seattle is the first organic and fair trade chocolate factory in North America. They also partner with socially conscious organizations creating creative and delicious flavors. The local company prides itself on sharing the journey that a cocoa bean […]

The Wing Luke Museum In Seattle

(Photo Credit: Wing Luke Museum)

The Wing Luke Museum, located in the International District of Seattle is without a doubt one of the most -if not the most- historic, diverse, creatively rich, and lively places in Seattle.

Walking into the Museum, one can feel the atmosphere reflecting the American Asian Pacific artwork and histories full of […]

Economic Opportunity Institute In Seattle


(Photo Credit: Economic Opportunity Institute)

The main goal in a capitalist society is to make money, and most of the time the people get left on the sidelines. For a long time there was no paid sick leave, no paid family leave, and early childcare was not considered a priority. These issues and […]

Food Not Bombs: Waste Less, Give More!


While being one of the richest countries in the world, Americans has found a way to throw away 33 million tons of food each year, that is the “equivalent of 165 billion – with a B – billion dollars” NPR’s Ira Flatow clarifies. If anyone is a true foodie, then they […]

Recap: Team Up For Nonprofits 2013 In Seattle

team up for nonprofits seattle 2013

(Photo Credit: Ryan Warner)


Tractor Tavern was the place to be last Thursday as they hosted the final Gigs4Good event of 2013, benefiting Team Up for Nonprofits!

The band Big Sur was the opening group with melodic folk songs and goofy spirits, followed by high energy Bigfoot Wallace & His […]

SMOOCH: Seattle Musicians For Children’s Hospital 2013

(Image Credit: Seattle Children's Hospital)

(Photo Credit: Seattle Children’s Hospital)

The Seattle Children’s Hospital is not just a hospital but it is also a research center that sees hundreds of thousands of patients per year, not to mention the millions of dollars worth of pro-bono work that is done. The hospital’s mission is simply to “care for […]

Recap: Coffee Strong’s 5th Anniversary Dinner In Seattle

coffee strong table

(Photo Credit: Kaye Michalak)

The anniversary dinner recognizing the progressive work that Coffee Strong provides for our veterans was a sold out event! A relaxed semi-formal group of people filled the Daybreak Star Cultural Center, on Sunday the 10th, to enjoy an evening of silent and live auctions, musical performances, videos, and speakers. […]

Coffee Strong 5th Anniversary Dinner And Silent Auction In Seattle


(Photo Credit: Coffee Strong)

On November 10th, Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center will host Coffee Strong’s 5th Anniversary Dinner and Silent Auction.

Founded in 2008 by veterans, Coffee Strong is a nonprofit organization providing a safe space for veterans located in Lakewood, Wash. They provide “confidential, free GI rights counseling services, […]

Charity Spotlight: Ethiopian Cultural Center In Seattle

(Photo Credit: Ethiopian Cultural Center)

(Photo Credit: Ethiopian Cultural Center)

Some may not be aware of just how many diverse and rich cultural centers are sprinkled across Seattle, and what they have to offer to the greater community. The Ethiopian Cultural Center is a nonprofit organization since 1983, built from the bottom up by immigrants who came together […]