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Jessica Peace-Urgelles is the Outreach Director for Miss A. She first and foremost, a mom to a very handsome and intelligent little boy and a frenchie named Escobar. She is addicted to social good and connecting people to charitable causes.

She grew up in the hills of southeastern Kentucky, and loves all things related to the Bluegrass State. They take pride in horses, basketball, and bourbon, but she likes porch swings and sweet tea too! She is torn between her love of cowboy boots and designer heels, and is always wearing at least one strand of pearls. Her heart is equally content enjoying a night out in the city or a weekend away getting dirty on the farm. She has a thick southern accent and is notorious for using it to her advantage. Her competing interests led her to write her blog, Blog of a Bluegrass Belle about growing up Southern, people dear to herheart, and herlove of various causes.

She is a member of the Bluegrass Junior Womans Club. BJWC is a non-profit whose focus is helping underprivileged women, children, and families in central Kentucky. Her work with BJWC led her to the United Nations Foundation Shot@Life campaign where she became a Champion and passionate advocate. She believes every child deserves a shot at a healthy life through global vaccine access.

Amanda Peet Gets Her Flu Vaccine at Walgreens for Shot@Life

amanda peet

Photo Credit: Walgreens


Flu season is quickly approaching, and it is time to start considering the flu vaccine. Did you realize by getting your flu shot at Walgreens you can ensure a child in a developing nation will receive a vaccine against rotatavirus, measles, polio, or pneumonia? In many countries these diseases […]

will.i.am At The Social Good Summit: Superman Isn’t Coming

will.i.am at Social Good Summit
Photo Credit: Jessica Urgelles

will.i.am Social Good Summit(Photo Credit: Jessica Urgelles)

One of the most poignant phrases that I heard during the Social Good Summit was from musician and entrepreneur will.i.am. He said that “Superman isn’t coming, I had to change my neighborhood”. How often do we wait on a “superman” to save us? His words were […]

Shop For A Cause: Ebay Giving Works And Paypal Giving Fund


Did you know that you could shop every day to benefit hundreds of verified non-profit organizations? Ebay has a program called Giving Works. The program is implemented directly into Ebay’s regular auctions. You can find auctions with charitable donation designations through the Giving Works homepage.

Non-profit organizations who would like to list items […]

#DadsDoingGood: Life of Dad, Honda And National Fatherhood Initiative

Photo Credit: Life of Dad

Photo Credit: Life of Dad

The ladies and readers of Ask Miss A love charitable and stylish men, but what do we love even more? Charitable and stylish dads are definitely in fashion.

The guys over at the Life of Dad: The Social Network for Dads are handsome, humorous and are […]

Blogust: Walgreens Teams Up With United Nations Foundation Shot@Life Campaign To Help 50,000 Children


Blogust13Photo Credit: Shot@Life

Did you ever question if your comments on a topic really counted? Walgreens would like to give you a shot at making all your comments on the Blogust blog roll count. The United Nations Foundation Shot@Life campaign is dedicated to advocating for potentially life saving vaccine access to children who […]

Malala Day: Happy Sixteenth Birthday Malala Yousafzai

malala day

Malala YousafzaiPhoto Credit: A World At School

What did you wish for your sixteenth birthday? Truthfully, I was hoping for roses from my boyfriend, a car from my family, and passing my drivers permit on the first attempt. Malala Yousafzai is asking the United Nations to help ensure that every child, especially girls […]

Millennial Trains Project


Patrick Dowd, founder Millennial Trains Project(Photo Credit: Patrick Dowd)

It would take the Pony Express about 10 days to get a message from coast to coast, now we can send a text message almost instantaneously. In about five hours you can fly from the Bay Area of California to Washington, D.C., just a […]

National Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness Day

ptsd day

National PTSD Awareness DayPhoto Credit: Department of Veterans Affairs

“The men would break away from the group and run toward the cliffs. They would rather jump and face certain death than the hazards of being a prisoner of war.”, I have heard my grandfather retell this story many times, as if it happened […]

Dr. Judith Salerno To Serve As Susan G. Komen CEO And President


Dr. Judith Salerno and Nancy Brinker(Photo Credit: Susan G. Komen)

Susan G. Komen has hired a new CEO and President, Dr. Judith Salerno. Dr. Salerno previously served as Executive Officer of the Institute of Medicine in Washington, D.C.. She is also the former Deputy Director of the National Institute on Aging. She earned […]

Catapult Crowdfunding Platform Developed By Women Deliver To Help Women And Girls


Michelle Byrd and Maz Kessler at Mom+Social(Photo Credit: Jessica Urgelles)

Has concern about how much money a charity or project is actually getting from your contribution ever prevented you from making a donation? Maz Kessler and Jill Sheffield hoped to alleviate that concern when they created crowdfunding platform Catapult. The idea was developed […]

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