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Holli Thompson is a Certified Health and Nutrition Coach. She has trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City , accredited by SUNY Purchase College, and is also certified by Cornell University. Holli is a Raw Food Chef, has attended the Natural Gourmet Cooking School and is skilled in the art of healthy gourmet cooking.

When she’s not working with clients and traveling to New York for her wellness events, Holli enjoys life on her Virginia farm and vineyard with her husband of over fifteen years and her son, age 9.

Super Seeds for Super Powers

healthy-seeds (1)

(Photo Credit: heavyonthevegie.com)

Are you ready to access your super powers?

Like vibrant energy to get you through the day. Clear mental focus at work. Lasting strength and stamina for workouts and sports.

These super seeds made a huge difference in my diet, and I recommend them to most of my clients. […]

Healthy Avocado Toast


Photo Credit: Holli Thompson

Avocado toast is my idea of comfort food. Every once in a while I crave this perfect combination of creamy avocado, cayenne heat, salt, citrus and healthy fat.

It’s more of an assemble, rather than a recipe, but I think you’ll love it.


1 slice of your favorite […]

Health Benefits Of The Coconut


(Photo Credit: huffinesinstitute.org)

It occurred to me today, as I was cooking with a couple of different coconut products, that I probably use some part of this marvelous nut each day. It’s no wonder.

Not only does coconut taste good, but it’s credited with numerous nutritional benefits, among them anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. […]

Review Of A Place At The Table

place at the table square

Actor Jeff Bridges comments, “If any other nation in the world treated their kids this way, we’d be at war.” He refers to hunger in America, an issue being brought to light by a new film called A Place at the Table. Hunger is not something normally associated with America, to the contrary, we […]

Green Juice Recipe

(Photo Credit: everlyso.com)

My brother-in-law is set in his nutritional ways. He makes faces at veggies, and the idea of drinking anything green makes him walk away shaking his head.

On a recent visit there, my veggie-eating son found his behavior very funny, and he decided that we needed to come up with a green smoothie that […]

Vegetarian Chili Recipe From NutritionalStyle

Vegetarian Chili

One of my clients makes this dish in her slow cooker in the morning so that dinner is ready to go when she gets home that evening. The portobello mushrooms add a meaty texture and the rice makes it a hearty meal!

Nutritional Style’s Vegetarian Chili

(Photo Credit: NutritionalStyle.com)


1 tbsp olive […]

Recipe For Healthy Quinoa Salad With Arugula And Grapes


It’s the year of quinoa, according to the United Nations, so I chose a delicious recipe from my friend Jared Koch’s new cookbook co-written with Jill Silverman Hough. It’s called the Clean Plates Cookbook, and it is a must have for you healthy foodies who love easy recipes.

Quinoa Salad with Arugula and […]

Recipe For Risotto With Beets, Chard, And Brown And Wild Rice


I have a long standing tradition of welcoming guests with risotto.

It began when I was in my 20′s, and I discovered the magic technique of stirring a pan of creamy rice over an open flame and inviting guests to join in to help with the stirring. Friends from uptown and down in Manhattan […]

The Best Tea To Energize, Relax, Heal Or Sleep

Tea Cupboard

Teas and warming drinks help me get through the day and, as I’ve shared, I’m not a coffee girl. I believe that almost anything can be solved by a warm cup of something.. My favorite mug, an electric tea pot, and the occasional drop of liquid stevia or raw honey is heaven in a […]

Healthy Egg Nog Recipe

egg nog

I LOVE egg nog, but the high fat, dairy version doesn’t love me back.

It makes me sick to my tummy, and it makes me feel bloated, so I had to design my own healthy version, using almond milk and my favorite sweet spices.

It’s awesome, and kids love it too.. so do husbands.


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