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Hayley Orzech is the News & Opinion Editor for Miss A. She found her passion in writing. She grew up in Detroit, MI and though it has been through the mill, she still has faith in it. She just graduated from Northern Michigan University and believes that you have not seen snow until you’ve spent a winter in Marquette on the shores of Lake Superior. She is in love with traveling and her hope now is to see as many places as she can while pursuing her dreams. She grew up in a large Polish family, full of firefighters. If she has learned anything other than how to not set her house on fire, it is that you can never take your blessings for granted because they might be up in flames before you can blink.

She adores traveling and meeting new people from all walks of life. She reads and writes everyday in between navigating her early 20’s. She's made it her mission to spread the wealth to those who are less fortunate. We are all in this together, after all.
She has had the privilege of adventures like snowboarding down the Rocky Mountains, jumping off of a cliff into clear, beautiful Lake Superior, hearing music on the Detroit River, running down a sand dune into the Au Sable River, looking up at the Statue of Liberty, climbing up a waterfall in Jamaica, letting her fingertips graze over a shark in Key West, hiking in California, gazing at Mount Rushmore, holding onto a giant Redwood tree and so many others that she can hardly believe her luck. All she truly want out of life is to have more adventures while helping others and doing the thing she love to do most: write.

Beauty Inside And Out: Duchess Of Cambridge, Kate Middleton

Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton

I think we were all more than a little bit jealous when the Duchess of Cambridge Catherine or as we like to call her, Kate Middleton, got the fairy tale come true when she married Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge and future King of England. Ever since then, her happily ever after has […]

Charitable And Stylish Icons: Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor (Photo Credit: en.wikipedia.com)

The curvy silhouette and Snow White-like features are as instantly recognizable as her signature White Diamonds perfume bottle in every department store. When her stunning beauty got her recognized at the early age of 10, it lead to a movie career that spanned decades, including the Cleopatra, the movie that made her the highest […]

Corporate Philanthropy: Dow Chemical

(Photo Credit: dow.com)

It doesn’t sound very pretty, does it? Dow Chemical sounds like it might be a corporation that produces the made for cartoons, radio active, green waste, but the Michigan based company actually produces almost every chemical that we use on a daily basis in an environmentally conscious way. As a stylish Miss A reader, […]

Jose Hernandez Inspires A New Generation With The Reaching For The Stars Foundation

Jose Hernandez (Photo Credit: laverne.edu)

When you were a child, chances are that you dreamed bigger dreams than seemed possible to everyone except you. You daydreamed for hours, planning and learning and imagining and then the time comes for you to spread your wings. You work harder and harder every day and then, in a moment that takes your […]

Beauty Inside And Out: Britney Spears

Britney Spears (Photo Credit: takehiko-blog.seesaa.net)

If you didn’t spend most of the 90’s humming a Britney Spears song or dancing to one in the car or in front of your bathroom mirror, then you’re probably lying. The blond bombshell kept our ears happy and our bodies swaying to the best Pop the world had to offer for more than […]

Nike’s Annual Doernbecher Project Inspires And Empowers Unfortunate Children

(Photo Credit: photos.oregonlive.com)

There is a shortened saying that goes, “From the mouths of babes”. It usually is meant to represent a simple truth that adults can no longer see, but in 2004, it represented an idea from a child, Conner Doherty, to be exact, the son of Nike’s Creative Director, Michael Doherty. When asked what Nike […]

Beauty Inside And Out: Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock (Photo Credit: broadwayworld.com)

We’ve seen her in everything from dramas to romance to comedies and everything in between. We’ve seen her keep her composure and class as her personal life was cruelly exposed by the media. In October, we’ll even see her in a role opposite George Clooney in the thriller, “Gravity” as well as on the […]

Your Man Reminder App: A Fun Way To Remember Your Breast Self-Exam

(Photo Credit: theinspirationroom.com)

(Photo Credit: iosnoops.com)

We have heard it all before, literally. Honestly, can you even remember the last time you weren’t hearing about how you ought to be checking yourself for signs of breast cancer? Not that this is a bad thing, of course, we all should do it and it has probably saved […]

Beauty Inside And Out: Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland (Photo Credit: thatgrapejuice.net)

Who doesn’t remember Destiny’s Child? They were everywhere, dolling out hit after hit, bringing fans everywhere to their feet to dance. The members of the group included several women throughout the years, but the two most recognizable faces included superstar Beyonce Knowles and the singer, songwriter, actress and this week’s Beauty, Kelly Rowland. The […]

9/11 Tribute Center Offers Person-to-Person History At The World Trade Centers Memorial

(Photo Credit: flickr.com)

We all remember the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and the failed attack on the White House on September 11, 2001. No matter where you were, the reports flew in from Ground Zero where thousands of people had suddenly lost their lives and their loved ones. The firefighters, police, […]

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