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Dani Elliott is a NYC-based writer who brings a refreshing, soulful energy to today’s musical forefront. Deriving her inspiration from the likes of Stevie Wonder, Amel Larrieux, Jill Scott, & Minnie Ripperton, she has created an unmistakably original sound combining vintage influences with current sensibilities. After receiving a B.F.A. at The New School for Jazz & Contemporary Music, Dani embarked on her journey into songwriting, as well as performing as a backing vocalist with artists such as Sheryl Crow, Amos Lee, The Roots, M.I.A., Aaron Neville, & Wheatus. These artists & experiences influenced her as a songwriter as well as an artist and inspired Dani to pursue a career playing her original music. Since the 2010 release of her EP, “Take It Back”, Dani has been steadily garnering new fans and with the impending release of her upcoming EP “Make Me Love You”, she will strongly continue to steadily pull at the ears of today’s listeners.

Sister Cities Of Nashville Presents World Of Friendship Culinary Event

Photo Credit: www.scnashville.org

Sometimes you wish you could click your heels twice and be in another part of the world experiencing a new adventure. For those who can’t just up and leave at the moment, Sister Cities of Nashville is bringing the world to you through their Fifth Annual World of Friendship event on September 26 at […]

10th Annual Cumberland Homesteads Apple Festival

Photo Credit: www.cumberlandhomesteads.org

When asked to name a traditional fall object, one of the first answers would most likely be apples. If you love apples as much as anyone in their right mind, who’s not allergic to them or downright doesn’t appreciate the wonders of fall for whatever strange reason, then the 2013 10th Annual Cumberland Homesteads […]

Recap: Red, White And Brew Fest 2013 In Nashville

The Flea Marketeers. Photo Credit: Dani Elliott

The Flea Marketeers. (Photo Credit: Dani Elliott)

You couldn’t have concocted a more beautiful day in your wildest dreams for the 2013 Red, White & Brew Fest than this past Saturday, August 24. With the sun shining bright in the waning afternoon of late summer, a breeze-filled pavilion with great food and drink, […]

Recap: Sensuous Steel: Art Deco Automobiles Gala At The Frist In Nashville

Photo Credit: Dani Elliott

Inside The Frist. (Photo Credit: Dani Elliott)

On Saturday night, The Frist threw an art deco affair to remember. A beautiful night featuring even more striking cars from a time where design reigned supreme and luxury was paramount for the elite few who could partake in the pleasures of having one these coveted […]

Red, White And Brew In Nashville To Benefit The Tomorrow Fund

red white and brew to benefit the tomorrow fund nashville 2013

Summer is inching closer and closer to the end so celebrate while you can with the Red, White & Brew Festival in Nashville on Saturday, August 24. Featuring red and white wines, as well as local brews, great food, musical entertainment, and carnival games, you’d have to be the crotchety-est person below the Mason […]

Recap: 5th Annual Glitter And Glam In Nashville To Benefit Agape Animal Rescue

Lulu the Shih Tzu. Photo Credit: author.

Kimberly Locke (Photo Credit: Dani Elliott)

The 5th Annual Glitter & Glam event benefiting Agape Animal Rescue definitely lived up to its title at the Hutton Hotel in Nashville. Between couture for humans and their canine counterparts, there was lots of glam to go around.

The event was hosted by the absolutely charming […]

An Art Deco Affair At Nashville’s Frist Center For The Visual Arts

1930 KJ Henderson Streamline. Collection of Frank Westfall. Photograph © 2013 Peter Harholdt

1933 Pierce-Arrow Silver Arrow Sedan. Collection of Academy of Art University Automobile Museum, San Francisco. (Photograph Credit: Peter Harholdt)

When one thinks of art deco, initial thoughts probably conjure glamorous fashion and impeccably designed architecture. The era, arguably, is probably one of the most recognizable and magisterial in history when it comes to […]

5th Annual Glitter & Glam In Nashville To Benefit Agape Animal Rescue

Puppies, fashion, and wine; could there be a better combination? Arguably, the answer is definitely: no.

On July 28th, Agape Animal Rescue will be hosting it’s Fifth Annual Glitter & Glam: an extraordinary fashion show, silent and live auction, and wine tasting event, making the above combination, not just a lovely daydream but a […]

Recap: REI Muddy Buddy Race In Nashville To Benefit Prostate Cancer Foundation

REI Muddy Buddy Nashville

Rope wall (Photo Credit: Dani Elliott)

There’s a first time for everything and on Saturday, I ran my first race. I enjoy running- in front of the least amount of people possible. So when this opportunity presented itself, at first I was afraid, I was petrified, but then the most amazing thing happened: […]

Recap: Marty Stuart’s 13th Annual Late Night Jam At The Ryman In Nashville

Photo Credit: Anthony Scarlati

Marty Stuart (Photo Credit: Anthony Scarlatiscarlati.net)

Country music legend Marty Stuart has been hosting his well curated Late Night Jam at The Ryman for 13 years now, and from what it felt like the other night, one would think it was the first time, not an event that’s been going for almost a […]

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